Would you fly on a 737 MAX

Very true. But flying on an airplane that has automatisation systems which are obviously not working correctly and caused the death of 300 people are not making this plane very safe.
I would not fly with the 737 Max at this moment

I did already it was a great experience. The night before the groundings which make the flight even more special to me. It was also the first time i got decided


Of course! It’s my favorite airplane! My bio may not say that, but it’s true. The 737 MAX is my favorite airframe.

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Absolutely I would fly on it. I flew a 757 from Newark airport on United 4 weeks after 9/11. Nothing could stop me from flying.


Yes i would!

Oh my! Would I love to fly on the MAX again! :D

I flew on N8711Q back in February and let me tell you: The experience on that airplane was one of a kind. I really hope the MAX can fly again soon because I really want to be back on that airplane!!!


Hey @BigBert10 Southwestt just ordered I think 100 more of these fabulous aircrafts

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Yup, I know! :D

It made me really happy seeing that article below:


I mean honestly, how could such a beautiful airplane go through such touch times
It breaks my heart seeing this airplane grounded


I am Confident that Boeing will fix these issues with the 737, just like the did when the 777 engines had issues. Once Boeing pushes these software updates, I will be willing to fly a MAX.

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They will fix them alright

And once they do, I will try to find flights that will be operated with the MAX and book those flights

That is how much I am wanting to fly on a MAX right now


It’s quiet, it’s new, it’s modern

Icelandair, hope you haven’t canelled max flights till July (Iceland here I come lol)

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And the Spilts are bigger than I thought. When i saw them i was like “wow”

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It really depends where the flight is…in the US I would…otherwise in another place it would probaly be a no from me

It makes me happy seeing those splits

I love looking out the window, staring at the splits, and having a feeling of pride knowing I flew on a MAX and how satisfying it is just to be on the airplane

So my answer to this thread is, yes, I will fly the MAX all day and everyday if I can


I had a chance to go for a walk around in Norwegians 737 Max 8 really like the modern style on board but wouldn’t fancy spending 5 hours plus on it but looking forward to see them flying again some time soon.

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Rebranding it would do nothing, let’s say they use up the coveted 797 slot for it the news would cover that, everyone would know, and it’s not like anyone outside of aviation, and all but the most perceptive would rember the 737M in two years…

I’m booked on a max for this summer, so I have to be comfortable with it :)

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Yeah my friend from school family booked with Norwegian to go to Providence for holidays this summer before the max got grounded he wishes his parents had not booked that flight since what has happend to it.

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I personally flew on a AA 737-MAX myself. People said it was bad and I thought it was pretty good personally I would fly on it any day.

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