Would You Fly Air Koryo?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I would fly it if there wasn’t the possibility of getting shot.


Yeah, I heard once you are there, you can’t leave …

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I would if it was from a country where I would not be sent to a work camp for simply breathing.

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I’m fine flying to South Korea!

Hell yeah. Put me on a soviet aircraft any day


I would to experience the IL-62M and fly the Russian planes. It would be better if they purchased some Il-96. Either way, I would still fly with them.

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Pretty much every comment before @Boeing707’s is propaganda.


Why not? As long as I don’t break the rules, I’m fine.

I think even Matt would want to fly on an old Soviet plane! :]

Speaking of which, look at what I found just this morning :o

Rare catch :D


If I went to North Korea I would fly this airline.

Why rare catch? I think Air Koryo has regular flights from Vlaivostok

If I need to get to the Koreas than maybe. If not, the answer is a big fat NO!

because you would think they would hide there planes, so Obama wouldn’t shoot them down

You just cannot simply shoot planes down, especially if they are in international airspace. Obama or anyone else cannot simply shoot down a plane that belongs to North Korea or Air Koryo, unless they infiltrate restricted airspace without permission.


I think flying Air Koryo is more comfortable and safe than Ryannair


Obama and others have no rights to do it


I like how on their website they have an obviously-photoshopped 777, a plane they don’t even have.

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