Would you buy a device......

…for IF and its features or updates being the main reason for buying it?

  • Yeah
  • Nah
  • Other (please comment below)

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Updates are included in the features.
Though I would sure love to have a tablet dedicated only for playing.

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One of the main reasons I have my current device.


Well, some devices do not cope with the updates, you know?? Especially with the annoying repeated requests for 3D buildings, I’m asking myself if devices used here will cope should the buildings be added.

It wasn´t very clear, If I find a tablet with 3GB of RAM, I´ll surely buy it only for playing IF and other stuff.

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I brought my IPad Air 2 with IF in mind for about 80% of it, the other is for YouTube and school. My IPad 2 just wasn’t doing well, she was old, lagging every time I’d load in, crash often, so it was time for a change.

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Thanks, your comments are comforting. I have a very busy lifestyle such I have to juggle between family, business and studying. So a lagging IF or limited features will frustrate me because I use it for my ‘me time’.


Listen everyone

Get yourself a nvidia shield, nice fit, runs no lag ever on highest settings, it can handle anything

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Does it have Android? Which version? And how much RAM does it have?

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Same mate but I got a mini 2 or mini with Retina display

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I heard about it but, yeah, how much RAM and what version of Android? I’m also looking at buying Chromecast so it had to be compatible.

If the Nvdia has Android 4 its useless, even if it has 10GB of RAM.

@Sturmovik The Sheild K1 is on 6.0, and the TV is on 5.1.
Too answer the OPs question, I would choose a higher spec device in general to my budget. Virtually everything over £150 can run IF, and you needn’t spend £600 to get a ace experience.

My Pics:
Android TV: Nvidia Shield TV
Android Tablet: Nvidia Shield K1
Android Phone: Oneplus 1, 2 or even the X #neversettle (please don’t fall into the trap of paying £600 for a phone that performs the same at half the price, cough Samsung…)

Or any current/last gen IOS device.

Thanks for the responses guys, I’m closing it.

FYI Just bought the Shield and it is 7.0
But it does drain the batteries in IF, even when charging.
Excellent othrwise.

I don’t need to by a new device, because for some reason my $180 Samsung tablet that I bought 2 years ago handles each new update like the last. The graphics look great and everything is silky smooth.

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I believe this is necroposting.