Would You Be Interested?

Hello IFC,
I have recently gotten TL2 which means I can create events, and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in doing a GA event. We would go from KRYY-KVLD-KPIE in whatever GA plane you’d like! Vote below to let me know!

  • Yes, I want to do GA flying from KRYY-KVLD-KPIE.
  • No, I’m not into GA flying and I’d rather have an event with airliners.

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Edit: Route would actually be KPIE-KVLD-KRYY.


Ok, I’ll let this go for a couple more hours and if a lot of people are interested, I’ll make the event for either Sunday or Monday.

Expert or Training? Still grade 2…

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It would be expert server unfortunately.

I also currently have an event going on tomorrow!

Just forgetting to fly between the Cessna citation-x escorted by two raptors In real life because it’s a precious load and it’s a real Air Force 114 heavy. Just red mercury shipping to the USAF for X-file program to bind jinn in humans and giving them boundaries breaking point. No wonder why nothing has reached us.

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And flying it in here followed by airforce 1

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No worries, luck and fair winds

I really like flying GA aircraft, just gotta see if I’ll have the time

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