Would you be interested in participating to my next flyout event? [POLL OPEN]

As most of you already know, I did a poll asking you to choose where I can do my next flyout event. 48 hours later, the winning airport was LOWW which is Vienna airport. The event is also going to be the 30th of March at 1800Z.

So would you paericipate to my event?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I’d definitely love to, assuming my work schedule cooperates! Vienna is a beautiful airport that I don’t get to fly into that much.

Of course, Vienna is a really beautiful airport! I always love to fly there. Instead of making these polls, can you make the event topic?

I already have an event that is going to be at KLAX on the 23rd of February so I have to wait until the event is done and then I will post it. So I’ll post the event on the 23rd.

Seems like a fantastic idea. I would be interested. I would only hesitate joining just because of my schedule. Great planning ahead though!

I would change the poll a little. Right now you are asking “are you attending?” before you even posted to topic yet. I would reword to “Would you be interested in joining.” Just an idea. Good Luck!

You can have 2 event topics at once, that is not a problem.

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@Georges180305 I have my KONT (@Daniel14) event going on at the exact same time as your planned event. Maybe push it back a few hours or a day?

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