Would You Be Interested In A Hurricane Hunting Event?

Ok, so, I’m putting this in the normal live catagory as the event isn’t really being planned yet, and the “events” sub catagory is more for planning events. I am just doing a quick talley to see how many people would be interested in this.

I’m thinking of doing an event (when I get the chance to, because weather has to be on our side here) for flying into a hurricane when one EVENTUALLY forms somewhere, I thaught that this would be a pretty cool event Idea, I would also try to get us into the eye of the hurricane if I can. How many of you would be interested in participating in an event like this?

DISCLAIMER: this is not meant as a poor topic or anything in that regard, i’m just seeing if it would be worth doing an event like this.


Hurricane Hunting is something that I think would attract a lot of people. I loved it when me and @Mark_Denton flew into one some time ago. It was quite the experience.

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USCG-IF Virtual would attend with our C130s…we love rough winds 🙃


Well, I love challenging flight, so I’d be interested.

But let’s hope that Event won’t take place very soon. We’ve seen the terrible consequences of strong Hurricanes multiple times in 2017.

Oh, and for the future:
Maybe create a title that is a little more specific than „asking something really quick“. I mean, I could answer with „answering very fast“ and it would be a very suitable reply to that title. Thank you very much and have a good one. Or two.


I took your critisism, the title is now changed :)

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YES! I’m very into meteorology myself. I remember flying around the Caribbean region in a C130 when Irma came through, but it wasn’t too cool. Hopefully with Global here it’ll be much more realistic!

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I’m down for this. Atlantic basin is quite this time of year but its not the only one for offshore events.

Would be interested in this type of event

Then there is that guy who tags along in a C172, and over the ocean just starts dropping, then runs out of fuel, no hurricanes required…😂

But seriously that sounds awesome!

Sounds fun! I would probably join an event like this.

This actually sounds fun. If you make one, I’ll definitely join (if times allow)

haha and I would probably make it if times allow again, as an event like this cant be as flexible as some others as well, you know how weather is, its either you catch that hurricane or you wait for another one wich could take a while sometimes

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If we have an Atlantic season like we did last year, we probably won’t have to wait too long between storms.

yeah and I probably wont do only the atlantic, any hurricane we can get no matter wich ocean it is in, we may try

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I’m down for it, maybe have a thread in live events

[Hurricane Hunters Tracking thread]

Each time you find a hurricane, update the thread title as needed with location and date, I don’t see this being an issue in the events category.

This will reduce multiple hurricane tracking threads in the events category!


Oh yeah I’m in!! I wana explore and know more what’s in a hurricane 👌

Lol I be seen that before

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IM Going to be taking a poll on if we do the event, wich aircraft would be best fitting as a Hurricane hunter aircraft as we dont actually have the plane that hunters use in IF yet.

  • Citation X
  • The C-130 planes going from AC-130 to C-130J-30
  • DC-10F (USAF livery)
  • Or have a choice between all of the above

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The C130 is best for hurricanes, the ar made to handle high winds.


then again, we DO want to feel the turbulence of the wind shaking the airplane pretty hard, so I hope that would still happen with the c-130 if we choose to use it but we may not cuz so far the citation X is winning