Would this run infinite flight well?

Would this run infinite flight well?Screenshot_2019-07-10-23-36-30


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I would recommend looking through this thread…

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That device is not on that list, that is not even a real ipad.


Thank you!

I know but could it run infinite flight well is my question

I wouldn’t trust is as it said “Android 7.1” but, shows a background which is very similar to the iOS background on a iPad. Your choice though.



I mean 6 gb is not bad, but don’t know if you’re getting scammed. You need check the CPU and GPU info about the device.

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Yeah will do thanks

An android tablet at that price will not run infinite flight.


Thanks mate!

It’s meant to be 888 Euro but it’s wish so I dunno if it’s a scam

Unless you take the settings all the way down to low. It looks like it’s from Wish.

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They make that up. All products that are posted on sites like geek and wish are knockoffs.

It is from wish👍

Looks so shady

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Yeah I’ll save up for an iPad air I think

Yeah, then I don’t recommend it. Try to save up for a refurbished IPad from Apple’s Site. It’s good for the buck

I would use a iPad Pro

Yeah I get you

To expensive for me