Would this be a good pic for upcoming planes for menu?

How would this picture be to show the plane on the menu?

Probably not since there’s runway labels and another player’s tag in it.


I mean with out any live or other options

I would say no. I don’t see anything that outstanding or impressive there.


Photo sucks… with a better sky and an airline along with the other suggestions people made would be ok

How about these? :)


There is a very high chance there is already a picture for the generic. Besides, I don’t think FDS is openly accepting pictures for the preview pictures. But other than that, I do like the angle of the picture.


How do you get that cockpit view like that @SWNelson?

Use the freecam. Might be pretty difficult though.


As The Greatest Basket said - the Citation is good for free cams and it takes a while but you can get nice shots if you go ‘in’ the plane with a free cam. :)

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Runway label and player tag, otherwise nice pics! :)

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