Would the Lenovo Tab P11 be good for IF?

Hey! I recently got a new Lenovo tab P11 for my birthday and i replaced my old 2015 Samsung tab a 8.0 which was 32 bit and couldnt run 3d buildings, and im just wondering if the P11 would be able to run IF well. Just that i couldnt find it in the compatability thread

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This post isn’t about low performance on the OP’s device. They’re inquiring how well their device will perform with Infinite Flight. Let’s make sure we understand what is being asked before calling them out.

To address the question, I recommend taking a quick read-up on what Kirito has posted below; he did mention it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m sure he’s more than willing to help privately if you have any potential further questions.

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Gone. Complete misunderstanding on my part, my bad.

This should help. I’m not sure if your device is there, but it may be helpful to compare with similar devices to your own.

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