Would the GE9X be able to fly the 747


What about an A380 with GE9Xs. Now THAT would be insane!!!


That would be SUPER AWESOME! I would love to see that landing.😂


RR should make an Advance Ultrafan the size of the 9X for the A380NEO, whenever that happens


The 747 looks weird with just two engines, what makes it such a beautiful plane is it’s 4 engines, but that’s just me. 🤷🏽‍♂️


I think it would be cool if they made the 747 a tri-Jet. It would be much more economical than 4 engines, but still be able to hold as many passengers


Now the A380NEO is alive with 4 engines😕 But what if it the 747 gets 3 engines :D


You would need to strengthen the wings. Two GE-9X’s and would be fine. Four would require extensive modification


Yeah the wings wil get thrown of! If they didnt


The only problem with it being a trijet, is that you would have to have the middle engine on the tail. This wouldn’t work because of the massive hump in the front of the plane.


Technically they could raise the engine to where it sits above the hump, right?


Place it on the hump if posible🤷🏼‍♂️


This would be hard because the tail helps fly the plane. Also, this could be why the tail is so big for an aircraft with so much weight putting the engine here could result in destabization of the aircraft. The engine could most likely destroy part of the tail due to its weight compared to the tail if it’s placed higher.


We can’t do that because there would be hardly a way to put the hydraulic wiring through the hump of the plane. (From the cockpit to the middle engine.)


They wouldn’t blow off. the wings just can’t support the weight of four, the wings would literally bend downwards and rip off of the fuselage


I dont think so if a 747 would give full thrust with four GE9X engines the wings wouldnt servive I think.


No it wouldn’t takeoff and besides it looks awkward and it doesn’t fit in the wing quite well


the issue with the 747 being twin isn’t thrust. It’s weight distribution. The simple fact is that the 747 wing design is unable to hold an engine on each wing that is able to give the same amount of thrust as two engines per wing.


Yep but what if they redesign the wing? Like put the 777X wing on it 🤷🏼‍♂️


Then they would have to redesign the whole fuselage. It isn’t a simple Command C Command V

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This is so true as quad engines are quickly going out of favor!