Would the GE9X be able to fly the 747

I was thinking airlines prefer twin jets. But would the 747 get airborn with the GE9X or a stronger engine? Is it even posible to make the 747 a twin jet?

The GE9X

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Unfortunately I don’t think that two ge9x can power the 747.

New 747-8 have about 50 thousand pounds of thrust each. Or more.

I think Its posible! The thrust is almost Good 2 GE9X engines VS 4 turbofan Pratt & Whitney 4062 would almost be right.

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Almost. But also the performance might not be as good.


i like the bigger engine it looks good :)


The 744 uses the RB211-524H-T engine on our fleet kicking out 60,600 lbf per donk. So all 4 at max thrust gives you 242,400 lbf.

The most powerful engine is fitted to the 777-300, the GE90-115B which kicks out 115,540 lbf per donk. 2 times 115,540 is 231,080 lbf at max thrust.

The 744 has almost 100Tons MTOW more than the 773 (for a very similar payload and range capability), 744ER - 412,775 kg, 773 - 299,370 kg, which would make an engine failure at rotate an interesting proposition!

So, the answer is that although the engines could probably power the aircraft the aircraft would not meet the necessary single engine climb out performance mandated for heavy twins. Older airframe, heavier construction and older materials all count against it.


Amazing. Per donk. Love it.

Well people, if this isn’t a good enough explanation for you…


What a reply!! 😮 so it could nearly power it but not to good performance levels?


How about a B747 with four GE9X engines. Now that would be crazy.


@HEYEY did a photoshop of it. Looks amazing:-D


Absolute maddd laddddd

The pure power of that aircraft would be mental 👀 probaly not very efficient though.


We very rarely use full power on take off. To do so seriously shortens the life of the engines. We almost always use a reduced thrust take-off procedure unless either the aircraft MEL precludes it or the conditions (contaminated runways, windshear etc.) preclude a reduced thrust take-off.

So 2 GE-90-115 would probably get it off the ground. The issue comes in the event of an engine failure. All twin engined aircraft must adhere to a minimum climbout gradient performance criteria which enables them to continue to climb in the event of loss of power from one engine.

Due to the basic airframe weight of the 744 the hypothetical ability of the aircraft (the 773 struggles a bit at MTOW!) to achieve that minimum climbout gradient in the event of a 50% powerplant loss would be non-existent.

I love the 744, it’s iconic, but, unfortunately, it’s days are numbered!!!

(4 engines would probably rip the main spar off! :O )



Imagine such a creation with no passengers or cargo, and a light fuel load (positioning flight maybe). The acceleration would be immense. This is what a regular 747 can manage in such a scenario.


Technically it would be able to fly with two GE9X’s but performance would would be reduced drastically.

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If it did happen I think that would look very cool on the 747. Making it a twin-jet with those massive engines


It could, the problem is, as I saw in other website, that only one couldn’t power the 747 in case of engine failure.


if the 747 did have 4x GE9x it would look hilarious

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hhmmmmm… if they replace the regular 747 engines and replace them with the new GE9X then it would look larger, stronger and more economic…but the way it looks it looks so different tho. In my opinion they might change the name of that type of plane to a 747X… i guess…

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This looks great😂 full power? Goodby engines!