Would quizzes be allowed

Recently I was discussing this forum with a friend (who doesn’t have an account). He came up with the idea of posting quizzes about airports in the RWA or General category so I have a few questions

  1. Would it be allowed
  2. If so would it be allowed to be a regular feature maybe once Every one or two weeks
  3. If so what category should it go in
  4. Would I be allowed to add photos which weren’t mine
    If you can answer these questions of mine it would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know your opinion of the idea😄

Could be a good idea and a great way for ppl to improve their skills off-line. Would be good to get feedback from more regular members before starting anything though. Also, for such a thing to succeed, it would need to be well formatted.

If it is a IF related quizz, then the General category would be fine.

What type of picture are you thinking of adding to your quizz?

Can you post a quick example of what you have in mind (as a comment) ?


Should work. Would be cool to have a poll where you could cast your answer and in two days, you could post the correct answers so we could see wht we got right or wrong. If there is a way to hide the results of the poll so people could not cheat and look at the most popular option, that would be double good.

I cannot say much besides providing my opinion since Philippe already answered but if it is non-IF, then RWA, if it is IF, then General.


Yes, it would be a great way to learn and test our knowledge

It’s a good idea, and I would expect it would improve the forum, and really add a different element to a members visit here.

I would say that there could be a weekly-leaderboard and mini prize, but having said that, it may not be practical. E.g People googling answers, or just copying someone else.

As a general quiz though, I think it would be great…

Weekly leaderboard or prizes would encourage cheating. Should be a “pat on the back” sort of thing

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To add onto my previous statement, learning the answers to a question you got wrong on an IF related quiz, for example, could teach you what is right or wrong, thus improving your internal knowledge database.

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I totally agree! :) ;)

Here’s a quick example then😄 If it’s not up to scratch please make sure to tell me how to improve it (since I have no experience of doing this before) I’ll make it to do with RWA seeing as I can’t come up with any other ideas

This airport started its life in 1944 as an RAF Air Force Base

It closed in 1957 and opened again in 1967 when it was turned int a civil airport

Despite being the main airport for a nation with a population of 20 million it only has one runway though plans have been announced for a new runway to be built

It is the largest airport in its country and its nearest city is the capital

28 different passenger airlines fly into this airport for scheduled flights

4 different cargo aircraft fly here on a regular basis

It has two terminals named terminal one and terminal three. Terminal 3 handles all domestic flights and Terminal 1 handles all others. Plans have been made to build a Terminal 2

Here is a photo of the airportimage

Vote for which one you think it is. Please do not look up the answer on the Internet or change your answer after picking

  • Dublin International
  • London Heathrow
  • Indira Ghandi Airport (New Delhi)
  • Sydney Airport
  • Colombo Bandaranaike
  • Soekarno Hatta International (Jakarta)
  • Ibrahim Nasir International (Male)

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As I said this is the first one I’ve ever made and I didn’t have much time to come up with it (you may find this too easy or too difficult) so it was made in a hurry with the help of Wikipedia. Fell free to answer and leave suggestions on how to improve it😄

So far I’m afraid nobody has the right answer I feel I may have made tips a bit to difficult, sorry😓

Mind you difficulty might be a good thing so when people get the answer right the get a larger sense of achievement😄

Colombo, is it? I’ve been there so I know most of it :)

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Male I think. Not sure

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With a population of 20 million, it has to be colombo

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It’s a practice at the moment so it doesn’t matter (I will tell people not to answer when doing the real thing) also I will post the answer two or three days after posting the quiz (yes the answer is Colombo)

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I’m thinking of posting my first one soon maybe tomorow if anyone wants to give me any suggestions (airports, aircraft etc.) please PM me😄 With some hints I should include,mthank you everyone for the feedback😄.