Would not being able to earn XP on Free Flight Server be more fair?

He’s back! ;)

Let’s try to iron out the details together.

  • new Playground Server without XP
  • Training Server with XP and Grading System
  • Advanced Server with XP and Grading System


Maybe if there was another “free flight” server for people who are serious about wanting to join playground.

I don’t think creating yet another server is the answer.
It might be complicated and much more work than changing the current three servers.

All with ATC?

Well two at least. I don’t know about the first one though. I don’t think people goofing around will listen to the ATC. Hence the frustration on the current Playground Server.

Here’s the problem: the people who goof around on playground are those who want to fly with ATC, but also wanna do what they want. They would do it on FF if not surely?

What do you mean by:

You can’t have it both ways.
Either you goof around or you follow ATC instructions.
I guess pilots have to make up their mind before they choose a server.

By the way, who wants to be an ATC on a server with pilots who ignore instructions?

Most of the playground controllers at the minute? The problem is, ATM some people don’t follow instructions on playground. I cannot see how this will be solved with this?

So what do you propose?

I also do agree that servers must have factored XP gaining.

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Could you describe the factored part in more detail?

With regards to factoring of XP, suggest as per my earlier post. This would give new pilots an opportunity to learn on FF, as well as allow people to just play and hopefully allow the other servers for those to learn and also act professionally.

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