Would not being able to earn XP on Free Flight Server be more fair?

Some see IF as an incredible simulator. Some see it as just a game.
Some want to make it as real as possible and others just want to have fun.
These differences don’t really mix.

In order to make XP a more serious part of developing pilot skills, would not being able to earn XP on the Free Flight Server be more fair?
I mean; for the first time I fooled around on the Free Flight Server in an F-16 and although I did lots of stuff that was absolutely not permitted I still earned a ton of XP!
That’s not really fair to pilots who take IF more seriously and respect the rules, is it?

Especially when XP is part of the grading system.

What do you think?



How would people get onto playground?


Was thinking the same thing

Well, I always practice in Solo. Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn XP that way too?
I don’t have the answers.
I just think it’s strange that fooling around and breaking all the rules still gets you a ton of XP!
It could also let pilots access the more serious servers when they actually didn’t develop any skills.

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Perhaps the XP would be graded depending on the sever? Earn 50% XP on the FF, 75% XP on ATC PG and 100% XP on the advanced server?

That way people could still build up the necessary experience needed to ‘upgrade’ servers.


I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with this,

Free Flight may be full of idiots, but we first remove ATC, or never added it shall I say, and now we want to remove XP.

From my experience, unless I want a quick flight, I always go PG, from the second I got the XP and standing, the people of free flight are the ones who are learning to play the game, don’t you think they would be discouraged if they didn’t earn anything for their work in trying to get their aircraft off the ground?


I also don’t think this would work, this would completely screw up the grading system, it would take forever to rank up to new servers and nobody wants that, if anything, you should learn less on advanced, that way you won’t have real life pilots with millions of xp that they don’t know what to do with,

Actually, that’s given me another idea, maybe you could pay for planes with xp?
I mean, a lot of xp for a plane, and that way, you could lose the xp and have to go on PG and play a little more to get back to advanced, which keeps all the serious players in advanced, like most of you want.

But hey, the clear option is to leave it as it is, but if you insist you could make a new post on a Professional Server, for all you real life pilots out there, everyones happy right?

I had to go on a little rant because this has been annoying be ever since I saw it, also, don’t you think the dev’s have different things on their mind like global flight etc, make your mind up.

Sorry @Jan_Polet don’t think less of me, I still love your plane spotting pictures :)


I’m talking about the Free Flight Server, not Playground.
So, Free Flight for gaming and goofing around without XP.
Playground for fun and rules and the chance to learn stuff, with XP.
Advanced for serious pilots and ATC with XP.


That’s what I mean, recheck my post

Actually I agree that using XP to unlock aircraft in Live mode would be a good thing, would stop a complete newbie being able to start with an A380 and getting frustrated be as they can’t fly it, however by building the XP up with smaller aircraft would build up your skills in flying. However that could only work in live and in solo mode you would have access to all aircraft they have bought. But as that system was not implemented at the beginning I think would be hard to start now.

The advanced server is already the “professional server”. The XP requirements are not to high ( XP 10,000 I think) which current is gained at 10 points per minute of flight, plus extra for landings. So wouldn’t take someone that long to reach the required level.

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I know, but like you I think anyone that can will go to PG as soon as XP and standing allow that.
Even when they don’t have the skills yet, which is being made possible by earning XP on the Free Flight Server by possibly just goofing around and disregarding all the rules.
XP should be earned when doing things right! It should be really EARNED and not a given when you stay long enough.
That would make PG a place for developing skills needed for the Advanced Server.
Hopefully it would also minimize frustration caused by the pilots that are still goofing around and messing up stuff for both other pilots and ATC trying to develop their skills.

Like the grading system for the Advanced Server, it shouldn’t be so easy to get into PG. Access to PG should be earned. Otherwise the goofing around won’t stop, 'cause it’s so easy to get back again.

Just my two cents.

But then I would be the same as free flight just without other people.

Very good point.
As of now no XP is given for proper ATC interaction, it only depends on landings and flight time.

Well it’ll be bad for people who only want to be ATC, like me… I really don’t have the aspiration as a pilot whatsoever…

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If you don’t play IF for fun, why play? Shouldn’t everyone play for fun? I see how some don’t play for realism (I do), but why play if you don’t do it for fun?

I love flying aircraft in IF and make it as real as possible. That is fun to me.
Going head to head with other planes or messing with the approaches of other pilots or cutting in line and ignoring ATC isn’t fun to me.
The Free Flight Server is for goofing around and shouldn’t get you any XP.

Maybe the activities of the Free Flight Server and Playground Server could be merged into a new Playground Server and the current Playground Server could be renamed to Training server.

Right now there is:

  • Free Flight Server for goofing around
  • Playground Server for playing and learning
  • Advanced Server for serious pilots and ATC

Maybe that could be changed into:

  • Playground Server for goofing around and playing
  • Training Server for learning.
  • Advanced Server for serious pilots and ATC

Problem is people want ATC- which FF lacks

That is why I suggested:

That would include ATC!

Yes, but then the problems we have on playground at the moment would be worse, as you would get all the FF peeps goofing around.

Just testing your idea, to see if you have an answer for everything :)

Well, then there wouldn’t be a problem anymore, 'cause goofing around and playing is allowed on the new Playground Server.
Pilots and ATC who want to learn would go to the Training Server anyway. And to the Playground Server to blow off steam, of course! ;)

As George Clooney would say: “What else?”.

Where did George Clooney go?

You actually might have something here; iron out the details and put out a feature request :)

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