Would live+ take back the planes I bought before hand?

I already bought some aircraft, if I buy live+ and when it expires would it take back the aircraft i bought before?

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No, you will still have the aircraft your purchased previously after your subscription expires.


I want a refund for the space shuttle.


so if my live plus expires will I lose all the planes I didn’t purchase before I got live plus?

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Yes, only those you purchased before getting Live plus will stay

so basically I’m leasing the planes. Not that I mind because live plus basically is the whole package with atc, multi-player and all planes. I hope Global comes at a discounted price for us Live Plus members

Yes, you’ll only own it for 365 days

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thanks for the response. Blue Skies

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No, it will not!!! Enjoy all your aircraft

Should I be aware of anything when I buy it and when it expires?

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All you’re regions and planes that you bought beforehand will still be paid for when Live+ expires. Live+ will almost certainly include every new aircraft and feature that is released in the future.

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