Would like volunteer fighter jets for tonight

After 245Z tonight, I’m going to be airborne ready to form this WN airlines masterpiece.

If anybody would like to, after 245Z, please spawn in fighter jets, intercept, and screenshot so I may see my flight in action. This will be on CASUAL server unless nobody volunteers then it’ll be on Expert. Track on liveflightapp to see where I am; post where I am so those who aren’t subscribed can also join if they’d like since I won’t be awake to say where I am. I’ll make a PM tonight if anybody’s interested. Whether or not, this flight is happening unless the game crashes.


Fighter Jets Intercepting + Expert = A risk I’m not willing to take. ;)

Casual for the best experience with fighter jets in my opinion.

Just my advice. :)


Update: this is now happening on CASUAL unless nobody responds, then I’ll announce that it’s on Expert

Would not do it on expert- you don’t want to be kicked down to TS1

Just saying, that’s a long flight!!! I wouldn’t be able to hold my phone for so long.

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Exactly! That flight looks like it would take at least 3-4 hours…

I’m not going to be awake this entire flight. So yeah.

@Clouds the flight plan said it was about 5600 nm, which is gonna take longer than four hours, and longer than six hours.

Gonna head and set up the flight on Casual. Should be in the air within five min

I might be there to intercept mid flight.

Forgot to mention, cruising altitude will be FL312. Cruising speed will be .73 MACH. I’m praying my game won’t crash. Check live flight app if you’re a sub, which I’m not.

Awesome! See you in around 3 hours!

I’ll be 😴😴😴 by that time. It’ll be nearly 1am here

I’ll take photos if I don’t forget!

I’m hoping the game doesn’t crash like last night. Just waiting to get to cruise altitude before leaving

What’s your current location?

NM, just found you

My game crashed by the time I woke up. Did you get a chance to intercept me before my game crashed? If so, did you get pics?

Your game crashed around 200nm from the time when you took off, 40 minutes from when I was home. Sorry.

Durgone it! I’m hoping to do another picture flight plan next week. Maybe then.

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