Would like to try to become a Private Pilot, Where do I start?

Hi everyone,

If you remember back in 2016, I flew on a Cessna 172N [N737BB] for the very first time. I have since been wanting to go to classes, but the thing is, where can I get a loan to start the classes?

I asked the Instructor I flew with about a One on One session, since that is how I prefer to learn, on a 1v1 session, so I don’t get distracted in a classroom, and he said it is possible.

The Classes all together cost $9,931.50, and I need to find a place to get a loan of just $10,000. I can pay in Increments, but I would rather pay all up front with the loan and pay the loan Monthly. I Called Air Direct Airways in Nashua, NH (Where I did the Intro Flight), and they said I can pay all up front and I can come in any day to do classes.

The Reason I want to become a Private Pilot is so I can go fly whenever I want to to places close to home, or to visit Family without having to fly on an airline (There are exceptions though), and so I can fly my Family where they desire (The Caribbean, Central America, Canada, Local States, ect).
The one thing I have to do is be committed to all of this, and I really would like to learn how to fly and join the many Private Pilots that are flying all over the country.

Thank you, and I hope to find some answers here.

I Currently only have .5 hours of Flight time, which is only 30 minutes.


Where I do my flight training, they offer online classes as well classroom-based ground school, if that would be more suitable for you. I would contact your local flight school (which it looks like you’ve already done) and I’m sure they would be more than happy to give you more information. Also, it looks like you sir need to get a job, which i would recommend instead rather than getting a loan because you would also have to pay the loan back. Good luck with your PPL. Flying light aircraft is one of the most fun things to do in aviation. :)


I Already have a job, So I am all set with that :)


I personally wouldn’t pay all of it up front! What if you don’t like it? Is the money refundable? How do you know people aren’t stealing it? Etc. I would pay the instructor and for the plane after each time I flew

Is $231 a lesson too expensive? Apparently my mom said it’s way to expensive. It costs almost as much as my camera, which was $250

For a 172? I’ve seen cheaper.

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Well you are renting the plane and having the instructor with you

That’s expensive! What are they charging for the plane per hour and instructor. Planes go from 100-160 an hour and Instructors go from 30-50 an hour


Well I am looking around, I’ll be calling some Flight Schools to find out prices

My local flight school offers $200 per hour of flight lessons. $150 for the aircraft, and $50 for the instructor. I don’t know if that’s too expensive - but you ought want to look for a flight school that offers prices somewhere around that range.

I checked another Flight School in Concord, Concord Aviation Services

They told me I have to learn on my own (for ground stuff. Not sure I understood), and I can train with an instructor.

Here are the rates they told me:
$108/h - To Rent an Airplane
$50/h - Flight Instructor
Total: $158/h


Now THAT is a good offer. Take it while you can!


I wish my Mom would agree, she asks me every time what would I learn from flying, basically saying don’t do it. She’s afraid of flying, so she likes to be negative when It comes to me learning to fly, or when I talk about flying in general. It makes me upset and unmotivated to learn.

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It is totally worth it, $158/h is a great deal, if you cant afford that now, when you go to college there are some schools that have flight programs that school loans can be used for.


It’s totally worth it! Flying for yourself is so much cheaper in the long run than taking commercial airlines, and flying is statistically safer than riding in a car.


158$ is much more reasonable then the 200 what ever. If you want to pay that much go get a helicopter lol
I was paying about 100$ for the 150 with a CFI until I bought the C150 and that’s extremely cheap out here


I honestly wish you could say that to my Mom, she doesn’t want me to spend a dime on Flight School I guess :/

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Yeah, my mom is making me pay for my own flight training. But it’s really great. I’m even getting an elective credit at my school for taking ground school!

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Trust me guys
Paying on your own you’ll appreciate it so much more then if your folks pay for you. I paid for everything and I think it taught me so much!

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Well yes, I want to pay all of this myself, as she basically told me she won’t help me if I do go to Flight School