Would like to try first but only a Cessna is available to try?

That’s about it. The only plane available on my iPhone X screen is the Cessna. I read there should be more available to try. Am I doing something wrong?

You need to download the other free aircraft… Just click on a free aircraft and press “download.”

For instance:


To add onto Brandon, the A321 is the highest quality free aircraft you can download.

Also, check out #tutorials here for more information on how to fly.

And don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM if you have any questions :)

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Is there like, nothing there other then the Cessna or are the others kinda faded? If it’s faded, just click on it and hit “Download” :D

Here, just like @Brandon_K said :)

When you download the app, the only aircraft downloaded is the C172, I don’t think he knows how to download other aircraft yet.


He might not have pro, therefore he can’t get em’ without paying… Paid ones at least

Well, he is just asking how to download other aircraft.

Thanks for your reply Brandon. There is no option to do so on my screen. I do not see anywhere that even lists other aircraft. These are the two screens I see…

Well then, just look up there at some of the other responses. Just ask if you have anymore questions!

Click on the C172 Skyhawk and you should see the list of aircrafts

These 2 videos will help you even more made by Mark :)

Jack. On the first screen if you tap the Cessna, does it take you to another screen and a list of different planes come up?

You don’t have to have PRO to do that @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly

My mistake. I’ll edit it. I don’t know why I was thinking you had to have it.

OK I got it. Thanks guys. I didn’t realize when you click on the Cessna that it gives you options for other planes. That’s an odd was to present them? :) Oh well, thanks for all your help. And thanks for the videos. I’ll check them out before I get going.

Be sure to check out the tutorial section on the forum. A ton of helpful information there. Enjoy the sim!!!

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