Would like to get my money back

Hey guys,
So i just thought about buying the more or less new 787-10 just because of the beautiful 4k Textures and the awesome wing flex.
I really expected a lot, especially because it said “Ultra High Definition 4k Texture”.
I was sooo frustrated; because it wasn’t even better than the A380 or so, and I mean I had to pay 5.50€.
My question now is, if I could get my money back? I really don’t want that Plane:/

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What device are you using? You will need to contact the Apple or play store.




Change your Graphic settings to High/ VeryHigh

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Good luck! It will be solely up to the developer or the person you speak with. In App Purchases are very hard to get refunded if you just “changed your mind” and nothing is actually wrong with the product. Keep that in mind when you speak to someone. Be persistent.

MaxSez: caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Refund, Fagetboutit.


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