Would Like to Contact Scooter 4 5 4 (Nothing Bad)

Anyone know him or his name on here?

Will close after contact.


What server? What display name? What time did you observe the action/actions you’d like to talk to the aircraft operator about? What time did the action take place?

His call sign is Scooter 4 5 4.Expert server.

If I wanted to make public everything I wanted to say to him, I would have done so. It’s not bad. If someone knows his name, I will PM him.

If you make it public, he’s likely to see it.

He can see his callsign in the topic title.

People don’t usually remember their callsigns if they do many flights per day.

IFGP Sky Meister JPN was his in-game name.

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He might not be on the forum.

Possible. If he’s not. I’ll close in a day.

He means he will stop making a big deal.

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