Would it be cool to have emergency’s in infinite flight

I’m not putting pressure on the developers or even saying that they should put this feature in the game but what would emergency’s be like in infinite flight

It would have to be like 1/5000 chance for it to be acceptable

Plus if you want to vote you can go here.

He’s asking if it would be cool, it’s not a feature request

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Yes I know.

I know, but he can vote this in the appropiate request to avoid this topics;)

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I love mini-mods.

urm I think they would be interesting! Would definitely add a lot of stress on controllers if they receive an emergency as they would need to prioritise that aircraft and sometimes they have 20+ aircraft

If anyone could also choose when they have an emergency I feel like it would get abused when there is a lot of traffic

Short answer… yes. would be cool

long answer… yes, but with the option to turn it on and off. Imagine waking up during a long haul to see that you had engine failure and crashed in the middle of the night, you get violations, and nobody is happy.

Just imagine how many “help i got violations for no reason” threads we’d have


Ye very good point