Would I get banned if I entered an ACC without requesting clearence to destenation?

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When I do a long haul flight, I usually leave my device alone and walk away from the flight when at cruising altitude. With the new addition off ACC’s (Area Control Center) to 20.1 in IF, would I get a level 2 or 3 violation if I didn’t respond to that ACC?

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It shows if you are active or not so atc will probably not give you a violation

Thanks! I was so worried I would have to sit through a 13 hour flight staring at my phone lol

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You will not receive a violation for being away at cruise.

However, if you descend via VNAV away from your device and over-speed or cause conflict, you may still be reported. Always ensure that, unless you’re at cruise, you’re at your device.


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Thankyou for your reply!

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