Would I be reported?

Basically I like doing overnight flights but ive seen today when I woke up 3 airspaces tried to contact me. If I was in expert would I be reported?

Currently IFATC we are encouraged to not report you if you cant communicate, as you may be using 19.4

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So once everyone gets 20.1 we could get reported?

After when we know everyone got the new version, you could be reported

So we cant sleep through long hauls now?

Wait so we cant do overnights?

We will not contact you if you are “away” and not at your device and interfering with traffic. All accidents while away will be assumed unintentional.


No you wouldnt get reported as the atc can see if your online or not due to time since last adjustment or something like that idk the details but unless you were on at the time they contacted you then No you wont get reported. Did you fly through the airspace or were you landing somewhere in it?

Phew. I was getting scared 😬

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If you are in 19.4, finish your long haul and update as soon as possible

20.1 will show to the controller if you are active or not, and all crashes while cruising inactive will be counted as accidental


So was I (word limit)

Im still a little scared but its ok lol

gotcha, thanks binary

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I think that’s because you’re playing TS. There are those who would like to be contacted. That’s why I don’t think you will be reported on ES. Then you can tell whether you are active or away.

Hey guys!

As stated, you’ll be fine if you’re away whilst cruising up in the skies of Infinite Flight - we have a marker that lets us know if you’re at your device. 🙌

Here’s some more information just posted on IFATCEG in regards to this question;

If you need any further classification, please lemme know :)


Okay thanks

If you are active then you have to report but as I said when you are away you will be left alone.

You will have been marked as ‘Away’ from IFATC Center so you don’t have to remain near your device you can carry on as you did just before the update! :))

Okay because im quite apprehensive about flying on expert atm

Thanks for the Info, Luke!

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