Would consider free subscription due to corona?

For us long term users, who have contributed over the years. And isolating. Unable to subscribe. Be considered being granting 1 month free subscription?

That would be unfair, because then everyone would beg for a subscription.

Sorry, but thanks for your support!


If IF were to give the long-term payers a free sub they should give everyone a free sub! Your point is understandable, however it wouldn’t be very fair to others who are paying the same price as you for a subscription.

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What will the devs be paid? Rocks?


This SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) outbreak is effecting mostly everyone in terms of health and/or economically. I don’t necessarily find it resonable for the Staff to give us a free month of Subscription when they themselves may as well struggling financially, for al we know. The long term effects of this pandemic is yet to be seen, so giving us a free month now, may come back to hunt the Developers later as a curse. It’s just a thought for the future.


Yeh, I know. Just putting it out there. It’s not that I can’t afford, it’s just that I’m stuck in the east and unable to access my western bank funds. Personal issue. Maybe shouldnt if asked


Not going to happen ;)

No worries, we all face our difficulties at times, glad that you did ask, and we are happy that you are playing IF with us :)


Maybe if your have an economic effect personally, maybe the best choice not buy a subscription, because Life is before Infinite Flight. (Stay Healthy 👌)

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I’d like to admit that this pandemic is unimaginable but we can all agree that because of Infinite Flight and this great community many of us are getting to spend more time flying and controlling together. Infinite Flight is uniting us and lifting our spirits which intensifies optimism, hope and a strong common love for aviation.


You couldn’t have explained it any better bro! Your experience here and on the simulator speaks for it self with the intensity of unity and passion for one another as human beings. Will not falter but we must take care of our baggage. Before we can offer anyone else help on the cost of our life’s. You got to hang with logic and reason.

I don’t think they would reduce the price because so much more people are on the game, so that would be a missed opportunity for profit.

More users = more money

More money = more capable to provide service to all users

No subscription = Infinite Flight go bye bye



Wow people chill lol I wasn’t expecting these responses from the most helpful of the community


This insane request. Dev’s need to provide their families with necessities.

The dev’s cant eat rocks.

I can see where its coming from or for people who are not able to spend as much money as others. But that’s like asking apple: I’ve had the first iPhone and I haven’t been using any other phone, can I get an iPhone XS Max for free for a year

Money has been discussed so much to be reduced. It’s just a common way to say ‘no, pay for it if you want, it’s at your discretion’ nowadays. If you don’t pay, overall it won’t affect us, but over time if literally everyone starts cancelling their subscriptions then actions must be taken, that’s what’s called a business. And it’s how you run one. High demand, high money, but still available for customers to happily purchase. And that’s why Infinite Flight succeeds well. A small but hard working development team with a great structural profit, means they can save up, and get themselves out there, send their staff across the globe go advertise their game, such as FlightSimExpo, and Oshkosh, which over time improves development and introduces new technology with major changes to the sim, such as clouds, live cockpits, more systems etc…

Jason is the digital marketing genius. I’m sure he’ll have no issue with explaining why these prices are at where they stand. 🙃

I don’t see why that’s necessary at all. Kind of rude TBH.

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With the money that was paid with subs and the actual game lol and its just one month…

Im so sorry everyone had to attack yea… THIS IS SUCH A POLITE COMMUNITY AM I RIGHT?? “What will the devs feed there kids? rocks?'” Like cmon guys hes got a point by atleast giving every infinte flight user free access for a month as a motivation to stay home and stay safe like sheesh you didnt have to attack this poor guy. He never said we should get it. He was asking a question like come on!