Would Business Jets Be A Good Addition?

I don’t know if this is viable or which topic to post it in, but would maybe adding private jets be viable? Like the GulfStream, Dassault Falcons, Challengers, Legacy’s etc etc? Seeing that we have the Cessna Citation already, It would be cool to maybe have the ability to fly the G650ER or the Falcon 2000X?

Anyone else keen or is it just me?

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I agree with you! You can vote for them found here

Dessault Falcon 7x



You can find more by searching for them


Don’t quote me, but I think I remember someone saying that Gulfstream aren’t up to share their information and aren’t happy with people making simulators for their aircraft… or something like that where they don’t want you to use their aircraft. Don’t quote me, I might be thinking off another sim.