Would be awesome on IF : contrails ! Making fun with air races!

I hope chemtrails in IF
(this is not a feature request)


Chemtrails 😑


im a french speaking guy this is the only word i know

why is this no feature request?

This is really amazing…this reminds me my trip to the Grand Canyon, at any time, planes passing above the beautiful desert landscape, leaving vapor trails in the sky, there were many of them!


Yeah, its not CHEMtrails, its CONtrails.


Why we don’t call it chemtrails:

Chem in full is Chemical

And then we have counts of people saying that the U.S. government is using chemtrails to spray whatever nonsense they like as part of their experiments but derp this isn’t the point lol

A contrail is simply the condensation :3

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Contrails are water vapor condensed around engine exhaust. Chemtrails are turned on by flipping a switch.

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