Would anyone like a VA that teaches you how to run your own VA?

If anyone is interested, I’m interested in teaching people of all trust levels how to run a Virtual Airline. I’ll need some instructors, too.
So here’s the plan:
I’ll have several positions open for instructors and trainees, but in order to get them, instructors need to PM me with what they know about running a VA, while all trainees need to do to apply is let me know they want to apply. However, trainees will need to give us time to set up this if anyone is interested.


Yes please. I can think of a few people that need that course.

Yes please, it would be very good

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Can you please name some of these people? I’ll invite them to this tutorial.

Just making a generalization that most VAs are not very thought out, and usually cease operations after a few months.

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This could be very helpful but, to make a VA you have to put in a lot of effort and hard work.

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I want you to think for a moment:

VA” what does VA stand for?

Virtual Airline.

Getting to my point it would be a group or organisation. I’m sick of people addressing everything as a VA.


As Skylines said, A virtual airline is a Airline. This is a group that isn’t simulating virtual flights therefore it isn’t a virtual airline. Might be a good idea thought.

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