Would anyone fly in IF with a VR headset?

I was flying yesterday and was thinking it would be pretty cool to fly in IF with a VR headset. It would be even more awesome if somehow head tracking could be implemented. Has anyone tried to fly in IF with your phone or whatever in a VR headset?


I’ve done it before, it feels soooooo heavy


That would depend on the device you were using!


I would love to fly in VR when global comes out.

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I actually tried this like 3 days ago. My friend had a VR headset, but it was like binoculars. So it could only work if the screen was split into two. It looked extremely trippy when I put IF on, because it’s not a VR app. Lol

I’ve discussed this thoroughly with Laura, and a descision was made that converting to VR wouldn’t be a good use of time and resources. This isn’t to say it wouldn’t happen in the future though :)


I heard it’s not very good for long periods as you can get headaches or feel sick, I probably wouldn’t use it but it would be cool to try

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it wouldn’t work, u need hands to move the controls. ;)

Samsung makes a VR headset for just $100 that you can put your phone into, other than that they are Really expensive.

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yes, and all you need is the application that let’s you use applications other than oculus apps. I use this VR headset to watch my flights and it’s cool perspective

You can also get the cheapo ones lol because not everyone has a samsung ie oneplus 3T

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Okay everyone here is uninformed about VR… Lol. Half of you don’t know what you are talking about.

  1. Google has a VR headset that will work with ANY phone and is only 15 bucks.

  2. You can EASILY click on things with a VR headset. There is a button on the side, or with the new Google Daydream headset it has a remote. (You could steer with this remote as well.

  3. Google cardboard is good for any motion sickness, etc because you can take it off quick (no strap on it). Your entire face isn’t in the headset lol.


nice, what would you recommend, cardboard with a controller or the daydream

Too heavy for me

Sounds interesting concept for the future. Can imagine that using the VR headset to look around the cockpit whilst using the handset to move fly the aircraft.

I think that to make an app Google VR compatible (the ones you slip a phone into) its pretty easy. However I’m not sure.

Daydream, however only Google pixel work. But all new flagship and high end phones should work.

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This is what I was thinking. Having head tracking so if you turn your head, it moves your view in game too. Would be pretty awesome.

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I would be traumatised when I take the headset off. Especially after watching a crash in 360°. Just no.

Then don’t use it lol, should be a fun experience for everyone else though :D