Would anyone be interested in videos of...

Since my local utility company has finally gave us high speed broadband, I now have the option to livestream and record flights.
FYI, 50mbps is my current speed. A speed test before showed 1mbps download and under 1mbps upload speed. That’s amazing, we were named one of “The Top 8 Wired Cities” by Yahoo in 1998 🤔 I don’t think anything has changed until recently, either.

But I just wanna gauge the interest because I would really like to do a few tutorials as well. The reason is because I’ve done training for call centers running gvt contracts and I was top of my class out of 60 trainers when ACA was being rolled out. I had never trained new hires before this, only helping them after they completed their initial training. This is a humble brag at best, I just wanted to explain that I’m blessed with the ability and I love helping others.

So my ability to explain subjects so everyone can understand it is above average. I can’t take anything away from the tutorials Mark Denton has on YouTube. He taught me how to fly on here that way. But I noticed in the comments not everyone picks it up as easy.

The best question I can ask, “Does anyone watch videos of flights and/or tutorials?”. If so, what would you want to see in particular? What would pique your interest?

And I would love to promote infinite flight to those interested in flight sims, gaining new first time users would make this all worth it.

Thanks all!

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I feel like this should be in #screenshots-and-videos

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You’re right, it’s been a couple months since I’ve posted. Seems like I gotta shake the rust off. Thanks for saying something.

No problem

Don’t worry, that #screenshots-and-videos category has only been here for a few days, still very fresh

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