Would an Airline Partner Up with Us and Deck out a Plane in IF Livery?

Hey All,
As you all are aware, the developers here have made some amazing in-house liveries on multiple aircraft. Do you ever think it’s possible that one day that the developers would partner up with an airline to paint up one of their revenue service birds in any of these liveries? If you think so, which airline would it most likely be in your opinion? Just some thoughts



I think it would be amazing to view in real life.

But I don’t think that it is something we will ever see :(


Unless we give a Oscar Muñoz at UAL a free lifetime Live sub :P


As cool as it would be I can’t see it happening anytime in the future.


This is going to be my life goal now 😂

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Anyone know the phone numbers of the heads of major airlines?

We need to get to work…

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There are contact pages on websites…

But, I don’t think this will happen. Sadly

I doubt a major airline would, but maybe smaller airlines?

The one airline that I think would actually consider this would be JetBlue. They are always coming out with new special liveries. Their a great airline when it comes to PR in my opinion. This would be cool to see how IF would partner with a real airline. Just imagine what IF could gain. A possible steady income if they need more money, pilots testing out their app more frequently and giving feedback, huge PR boost. Think about the amount of new users they would get if they had a plane painted it there livery flying commercial. Endless possibilities!

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Sadly don’t see this happening…

Failing a major airline, we could always try and get in touch with Father Christmas?
Maybe he won’t mind respraying his sleigh?..

What do you mean he isn’t real?!

MaxSez: Imagination is a wonderful thing when your young. But reality comes with maturity, insight and disappointment as we soldier on.


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