Wot da hecc is dis?

I took this a while ago and I forgot to post it to the IFC but why not do it now?

What is this?

Usually a glitch. As all new livery haven’t been added to live flight.

It’s @Levet.

He’s probably flying an unknown livery. The Nordwind 777 shows up the same way.

Usually, from what I’ve seen, weird photos like that mean it’s an unknown aircraft. It could either be a glitch or a new aircraft 😉

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A test aircraft? New update? Wait and see.

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New aircraft i cant wait to see it soon! Joking of course this is when Live flight does not recognise the aircraft.

Probably just your usual casual sever.

This was a while ago so it might’ve been the 777

Negative k, I’m not flying at the moment. I’m watching the NASCAR race at Talladega and swimming in the pool. ;)


No this was taken a while ago.

TV by the pool? Bold move.

He said it was a while ago too

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Aliens… :P