Worth the Risk @EKCH

On my 3 hour flight from LDZG-EKCH in a Croatia Q400, I was mesmerised by the art of the yearned 3D building in infinite flight. And I gotta day, it’s worth the wait, and the sights! I recommend you pay EKCH a visit when it’s still busy! and here’s why!

    1. The Risky Approach


This was the British B747 (BA 589 Heavy) I was landing almost parallel to, and almost went on the brink of colliding. I thought it was very cool at first, being able to see such a monster when you’re piloting the mouse-sized Q400 (not in frame) but little did I know, that was only half the art before I landed

    1. The Standoff


Here, I thought it would be cool when planes face the opposite directions, it gives that sense of “intensity” within the aviation industry. It resembled a game of “Splat, Bang!” where the final 2 players face back-to-back and first to turn around and finger gun their rival wins. We can guess who in this case if one day we can play the game with planes

    1. Incoming Inbound


The giant beast it is, the B747 really deserves it’s own “locked” character silouette so you won’t expect the boss you’ll be fighting.

  • 4 Brothers Keeping an Eye on Each Other


I thought of going brighter this time, introducing the diversity of the aviation operators (nah, not really) Still as always, aircraft looking at each other is cool for photography. Seeing the B777 and 747 in the same frame is a-bit likena family photo, B747 is the elder sibling of the 777.

    1. The escape race


Here, I’ve touched down before BA 589 does, and I was slamming on the brakes as reverse thrust restrictions exist at EKCH and I didn’t wanna pressure ATC too much especially when there’s “peak-hour” traffic. I had the same pressure before when I took KSAN and had to share the role of tower and ground to another fellow ATC controller improve service. Getting planes to takeoff was difficult as approach also tried to keep as many aircraft into the airport as well. I mean, it won’t be good to delay people right? Point is, Getting planes to takeoff on time without having to establish go-arounds was difficult.

    1. Big vs Small


This time, an A330 is on approach, this is when I discovered that 3D at EKCH is a complete masterpiece, seeing aircraft on their final-hundred feet above where I’m taxiing was such a blessing that such airport is chosen! (unfortunately I couldn’t get a good shot). I like the silhouettes, it just adds style, but it’s kinda sad thinking that the 2 aircraft don’t face each other, as the A330 is the big bro of the A320

    1. Soon, You’ll Be Like 'im!

Engine shots are cool man. That’s it, and hours later it’ll be going through the same as the A330 above

-8. You vs The Joke


I really like this shot, with the clientele of aircraft hanging out at Kastrup, and the approach going over their heads and trust me, it’s best to plane spot near or even below the approach paths!

Overall, I feel like the experience at EKCH is really scary, whether you’re landing or chilling on the ground, it’s like a modern art masterpiece with this place! And you can come home with the greatest views of “low approaches” and the risk that comes at the airport. Go check it out!

So, what’s your favourite shot?

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