Worth an Appeal?

Hey IFC! I’ve been extremely eager to apply for IFATC for like a month now, but I received a level 2 violation about 30 days ago. I didn’t think of appealing it, because I probably deserved the violation. Is there a way to appeal this violation because it wasn’t entirely my fault? Here’s the scenario:

I was flying somewhere in south Asia, I think, and I took off, climbed to cruise, and then set autopilot and walked away (I Armed VNAV). I was planning to come back to my device right before TOD, but them something came up, my plane descended on its own (VNAV) and I received a level 2 violation for not contacting ATC from the radar controller. This was most likely my fault, but as I was not at my device to contact ATC, is there any way I could appeal this because I am very eager to apply for IFATC, and I’ve been practicing my controlling skills a lot.

Thanks for reading, and all opinions are appreciated.


Unfortunately as stated before, this would be your fault, remember not to walk away from your device when in critical stages if the flight.

I hope you to see you in IFATC soon!


Yup, I think so too :(



Sadly this is your fault due to the fact of you not paying attention to your device. They would have tried to contact you multiple times before you were to get the violation.


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I walked away after climb, I just didn’t come back before descent because something important came up

I was just wondering if there was any way I could appeal this. I guess not, and that’s ok! I’ll flag this topic

Truly sorry

This happened to me 2 days ago but on TS I was flying and set my speed in a TBM to 330 at 10,500 only a speed violation though.

me: Slaps Self


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You can appeal this by contact @appeals and contacting your controller. But as stated before I don’t think it’s worth it because it seems it’s your fault.

Hope too see you soon!

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Yup, hopefully I will be in IFATC soon. Thanks for the help @USA_ATC and @Stellar_G


IFATC’s policy is that we can delete our own replays 7 days after the report.

Your best bet is to contact your controller or @appeals and explain the situation with a replay as stated above.

And it would be unfortunately your fault since you have to be at the device on climb, descent, and landing. I had seen by your description on what happened, you had VNAV enabled. I recommend keeping VNAV disabled until 3-10 minutes before descent.

Best of luck of your journey to IFATC!

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Thanks for the help everyone! OP requested closure.