Worst taxi experience I ever had in IF

I was in line at runway 30L at OMDB and therewas this guy behind me in an ethihad a340. That person crashed into my tail 4 times in total while we were slowly advancing in line and while he was not ingesting my backside he decided that a safe distance between aircraft was not an option at some point he had entered my plane a third of the way and stayed there for nearly a minute the ground controller didn’t notice wich im not going to blame him for because he had a lot of traffic but it still was a terrible experience i wasnt able tobmove forward either since an a321 was blocking me!! To end his amazing taxi he thought the best idea was too enter the closest runway entrance by striking my tail with his wingtip he should have been ghosted for this!! Oh and I almost forgot that he turned at 30knots gs to line up with the runway wich ontop of all the damage he caused to his and my plane would have also heavily damaged and collapse his nose gearPNG|830x466

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You just have to deal with stupid pilots on IF, was this on expert server?

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By the looks of it yes.

Yes This was during my FNF flight

That sounds like a terrible experience. If ATC saw he might have been told to give way to aircraft, but obviously not.

You have to keep in mind that with that number of planes your plane may or may not have shown for that pilot. If they were on an external view and were not looking at the map they wouldn’t know you were there.

Yes but he did enter my plane 4 times during taxi and I saw him pushback out of me once out of the 4 times plus if he was in map view it would be irresponsible for him to accelerate

By the way happy birthday and sorry for bothering you with this

The same happened to me at PHNL a few months back. A plane disappeared and I advanced but then he reappeared and I crashed in his tail. With the amount of aircraft it maybe glitchy at times.

yes but that happening four times and then him pulling infront of three planes waiting patiently infront of him seemed very intentional to me

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