Worst Spotting Ever (HAL @ DIA)

Taken from moving car and zoomed in all the way. But spotted an unusual visitor at Denver today. It’s a Hawaiian A330 with the then “Oakland Raiders” emblem on the fuselage.

I’m quite embarrassed to even share this picture but it’s not often a HAL aircraft is in Denver.


Its not that bad… You can still see the aircraft ;)


Don’t worry Mr.DeerCrusher I’ve seen worse. (Really good picture TBH)

You know what they say… 'pic or it never happened’
Nice spot 😁

At least you dont need to borrow the hubble telescope to look at it


professional photographers look away to avoid permanent eye damage

May be a low quality pic but I love the aircraft!


Well hey, I’d say this is more a cucumber picture then a potato picture because we can actually see the plane.

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@DeerCrusher the amount of support (posts 2-6) you get for a blurry/not-so-great photo is immense! :)

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yeah because we don’t want to be the next thing he crushes


The aircraft is the Oakland Raiders transportation. This Sunday they have a game versus the broncos.


You must have been pretty fast capturing it though

I’m a raiders fan ;)

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Wait we had HAL come into Denver today?”? And I never knew it??? Also what time did it come i? I was going to check FR24 but I can’t find it @DeerCrusher

Picture was taken around 12:20p. Doors were closed up so sometime before that or it came in sometime yesterday.


I always though Hawaiian served Denver, it’s a good spot for their kind of routes

The Raiders are playing the Donkeys today, that may be why.

There is no route via a Hawaiian aircraft. You’ll only see them come in if it’s a charter flight.

Hey don’t worry my normal profile pic (when football season is gone) was taken from a moving car


If your embarrassed why share it?

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