Worst planes in Infinite flight

I did some comparison in old planes what is feels like let me know if I need corrections

The 757 in Infinite flight personally is very old and has one of the worst plane in this sim by landing and ground speed when it’s slow down and during takeoff it goes about 5000-8000fpm when lightweight and the physics makes landing this thing hard unless you go around 135-120 knots to land this thing and when cruising it’s nose goes down for some reason.

The 767 is older than the 757 (it was around 2012 and 2013) and it’s model has gotten old quickly
It’s physics and also terrible but kinda better than the 757, When takeoff it goes about 4000-6000fpm and landing this thing is kinda better than the 757 but you still need to land around 135-125 knots if you lightweight but atleast it turned out much easier, it has less liveries and the model got old and the Fuel burn is broken into 18 hours of flying with it.

The C-17 is the oldest in Infinite and it’s super rare to see somebody with it on Live because the Model is old and There’s no cockpit view and there’s no cockpit model of it like the other planes, it only has one livery and the physics are bad when flaring this thing you flare soft but it just goes up quickly but I’m not really sure since I haven’t use this thing in August and that’s only what I remember.

The ERJ Family is another old plane and it’s model is extremely outdated and it’s hard to land this thing and there’s only 3 liveries in each aircraft, the Winglets in the E170 & E175 are incorrect and the physics are between meh and bad, it handles okay but when landing it’s almost a brick and you need to go around 138-150 knots to land perfectly with it.

The 747 Family is one of those aircraft which is outdated with its Physics which are also between meh and bad, There’s some Missing textures from what I’ve heard, the fuel burn is confusing when your like around 19 hours of fuel in ground you go up and only have around 10 left so the easier why is to use 65-70% trim or flaps, No wing flex with it on livery looks extremely weird, without gear tilt it’s kinda hard to land this thing.

The A380 is also the same aircraft that was released in 2012 like the 767 but got updated around 2013, The model of it looks nothing likes today’s A380, Many people say the a380 physics is terrible but I think it’s meh maybe because I handle better this aircraft but it’s pretty broken to see it go to FL380 on a long haul flight with heavy or medium load.

The F-18 is also one of the oldest aircraft and the physics are equally bad, the model outdated (idk how many times I say this) there’s no cockpit view, there’s no gear animation and the cockpit model looks bad

These are the only aircraft I can only find which are outdated because it’s getting old then today’s 777 but correct me of I’m wrong about those aircraft

Vote for the reworks below


Hate to be that guy… Best thing you can do is vote for the (already) existing feature requests for each of these aircraft.


I already vote to those I’m like explaining how it feels like to players but idk :l it’s fine if they use those aircraft

The developers are well aware that the aircraft are outdated and can use some work, they have said before they ideally would like to rework every single aircraft in the simulator, however with some there is a lack of demand. The 757 and a380 were both featured in last year’s poll against the 777 rework, and the 777 won 🤷.

It’ll all come in due time buddy, we’re all waiting here with you

I don’t see a reason why we would want to point out all the aircraft “flaws” in the game. Why don’t we talk about the best aircraft in the game. Let’s be more positive. Thanks!

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Please vote for the linked feature requests and discuss the aircraft there. Thanks!