Worst or most boring route to fly

I agree- anything which is coast to coast and doesn’t have anything except water the whole way through is boring

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What do you mean there’s mountains

The worst or most boring route to fly… hmm. I’d have to say Singapore - Kuala Lumpur takes the cake. I can never finish the flight & it’s always a frustrating experience flying it, I’ve honestly given up.

Seems like there are a lot of people who hate trans Atlantic/pacific flights. I’ve got to say, HKG/ICN/TPE/HND - SFO/LAX/SEA do not disappoint. At night time (and if you time it to the days closer to the full moon of the month) and some good airplane background white noise, SIN-DXB & LHR-BOS are quite good.

My solution to these “boring” trans-oceanic flights is to sleep during cruise :)

In my opinion, any flight over the Amazon rainforest, Western Europe, or the Central Time Zone in the USA are pretty dull

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Exactly… 😂

That’s sad that you’ve never finished it my 12-year-old brother did it and safely landed after a go around

Scenic areas with flat buildings hahah yes

Those short Middle Eastern routes are actually quite boring to fly, not gonna lie. A prime example is OBBI-OEDF (and vice versa), which roughly takes only 20 minutes air time.

They’re actually highly profitable for the airlines in real life, though.

Anything in Britian really, the scenery is dull.

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eastern europe is the worst

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I’ve done a few

Not really a fan of transatlantic flights - just water all the way!

You wanna name them or not?


not because they were so bad i dont even remember them

I think you don’t know because you never flew them 🥸


If u pro u must fly in the northern areas of Pakistan :)

You have all the routes you’ve flown in your logbook ;) I don’t think it’s really difficult to check it

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yeah I’ve been to ukraine, poland, hungary, etc
in general coastal areas are more interesting

😂😂😂 , idk I like DFW I barely fly into it. Another favorite of mines is ORD the arrivals always look nice, my favorite all time flight I’ve done is definitely LHR/CDG-Cape Town. Flying over the desert is nice and beautiful, especially at night. You should try flying into SDQ or PUJ one day. Recommend take off airports, BOS, JFK, MIA, ORD. Just a few that actually handle that route nearly everyday. I think you might like it.

Any route flying over the fly over states, because they really are states you want to fly over and avoid!

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