Worst (most inaccurate) aviation movies

Well, the movie The wedding singer completely off in it’s airplane scene. First, it showed a Canadian Airlines plane. The movie was set in 1985. Canadian Airlines was formed in 1987. Secondly, it was the interior of a 747, but showed an exterior of a 757! It was so bad.

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Hot Shots! (and Part Deux). Though ranks up there with “Top Secret”. All hilarious :D

My dumbest film I’ve seen has to be airplane vs Volcano. It is so un realistic. Also why would a plane fly over a erupting volcano? 😣😭😕

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Honestly I think that aircraft films should more be real. Not like someone holding on to a door of a A400M.

Well, that was real. Yes he was harnessed in, but Tom was really holding onto the A400 in that shot.

Yes I saw he needed special contact lenses and he was harnessed.

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Although it pains me to add it to this list, Top Gun certainly deserves a spot. Still love it, though…


I am going to go aginst the topic and ask how accurate was the movie “sully” i loved the fact that they didn’t just stretch out what happened to the entire movie and turned it to the investigation. One of the only movies i have seen that changed to a NTSB investigation? As far as worst im going to say soul plane lmao but funny as hell, i still remember it nomatter how long ago i watched it.

Here you go. Ask and ye shall receive

There is a TV series called Mayday, it basically documents IRL plane crashes. It is normally fine but sometimes it talks about 737 then shows A320 it’s really annoying but only happens occasionally. Also there was a 90s Canadian TV show called ‘mighty machines’ which was videos of ‘machines’ and they have voice actors etc. There is one episode at an airport and for almost the entire episode, ‘A320’ is a 737-200.

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