Worst (most inaccurate) aviation movies

Whenever a plane is featured in family guy 😂


Or any TV show similar to it like the Simpsons

When i was young i honestly thought that was how it worked :P


I can watch ‘Final Descent’ if I want to facepalm for two hours.

Also, has anyone tried flying an MD-80 inverted in flight sim?

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Same. I really cringe watching the scene now.

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I can think of several reasons why this scene is a bit crazy.
WARNING: Drama, gore, and images of bodies…


The entire movie of “Flight”


I don’t know, I think Denzel Washington’s character was way too heroic, he was a drug addict and was intoxicated at that time.

And why would you dump fuel if you can’t control the plane?

Minimums at 10 feet radioaltimeter height?

Center cleared them to descend to FL300 (so they’re obviously at least 80nm from KATL), then the elevators malfunction and the control column gives them no pitch control, they’re sent to a near vertical dive but the KIAS doesn’t go beyond 280-something. Also, the FO was instructed to put the flaps down, which at that speed would damage the flaps.

Engines fail while inverted, and it’s completely random. The right engine catches fire, but in 7:01 it is shown that the N1 for engine 2 is normal.

Towards the end of the clip, ATC tells the crew that Hartsfield-Jackson Airport was 3 miles away? I only remember the plane going into a nosedive, and even the inverted phase wouldn’t have been long enough for the plane to travel any more than 20nm.

I’m sorry if me taking a dump on the inaccuracies of “Flight” has been too much, but it really annoys me sometimes.


Iron Eagle. I never bought into a kid being able to poach a F-16 and fly across an ocean to save his dad. All because he practices maneuvers by racing motorcycles through a canyon in his 152, and because he’s the son of a pilot. The 5 min crash scene in Con Air was completely over the top as well. I remember I started laughing after what had to be a mile of crashing a large aircraft down a main city road.


I was actually on a RL pilot forum a while back and some pilots said that would try this if all else failed. Though I don’t ever think that they would have the elevator authority to pull this off and I learned that from the American Airlines Advanced Recovery seminar lecturers.


The movie “ Snakes on a Plane “ probably the main reason I was scared to go on a plane when I was little

Soul plane funny as hell image


Turned on “Passenger 57” today.
And turned it off after about 15 minutes.
Also very inaccurate is “Flight of the Phoenix “. But it’s worth watching to the end.

I’m watching this, and all I’m thinking is “an MD-80 with winglets?”




If you haven’t seen it, please don’t.


I saw a Simpsons episode where homer saw people in premium economy pulling IFEs out the seat arm rest. He then pulled wires out of his, this somehow made an engine fall off?!?😂


That definitely sounds like something that could happen, I don’t know why that’s “inaccurate…”

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I actually really like the Planes movies. They have a really interesting story and are sometimes funny.

How about Fast and Furious 6… The runway that literally never ends.

Also the fact that the plane appears to be a C-5 but belongs to the bad guys and is marked as Russian.


How about flight plan the movie is about this widow who looses her daughter during the flight in what seems to be a a380 which has a humongous avionics room and a cargo hold accessible from the cabin this plane has huge windows and has at least 10 bathrooms in the back of the plane

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