Worst (most inaccurate) aviation movies

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Yesterday, I was flipping through the channels when I found a movie called ‘Final Descent’ where (I quote the synopsis from Google) “A pilot (Robert Urich) and co-pilot (Annette O’Toole) have limited options to land a jumbo jet after a severe midair collision.”

I only was able to see the last half of this movie, but the aircraft appeared to be a 737-200. Not a ‘jumbo jet’.

Apparently the aircraft struck a GA aircraft, and the plane was struggling to land. For some reason, the pilots were struggling to handle the aircraft while it was in flight, so the military sends what appears to be an A380 to ‘midair refuel’ the 737. The pilots move all of the elders and children to the back of the aircraft where its ‘warmer’.

Have you ever been on a school bus and the driver talks about the little hatches on the roof, so if the bus is on its side you can evacuate out the roof? Well the plane had one of those, so the pilots opened it and the ‘tanker’ dropped a package about the size of a pillow. The pilots then opened it; and miraculously, everyone on the plane had a fur coat or blanket.

The tanker then dropped a nozzle through the hatch where one of the pilots took it to the ‘engine room’. He put the nozzle in an opening about the size of a manhole, and then filled the tank with fuel to ‘bring the nose down’. However for some reason he started to drown in the fuel, so he had to be pulled out. There were a zillion dramatic shots of the women and children gasping for air, but once the plane hit 12000 feet, everyone could suddenly breathe (at this point I was screaming at my TV: ‘that’s not how air works!’). The movie then cut to the ATC tower, where there was a single man (about 55) sitting a room, when another ATC came to get him. Very desperately, he cried “please sir, you’re the best we’ve got.” The plane descended through 500 feet, when there was an exterior shot that showed the ground a few thousand feet away. The ATC then ‘guided’ the plane to the ground by telling it to ‘land softly’ (I honestly don’t know why he was called to come help if that was all he was to do). The plane then landed at about -3000 FPM and was perfectly intact. When however, the nose gear touched down, (very softly I might add) it instantly collapsed in a shower of sparks. Then, it cuts to the crew and passengers in the terminal where they thank the pilots for saving their lives. The captain proposes to the FO, and they decide to get married. End of movie.

My question for you all, what’s one of the worst aviation movies (or movies with aviation) you have ever seen in terms of accuracy?


I saw that movie, was one of the worst I had ever seen! Airplane! is obviously a bit inaccurate, but it’s a comedy, and freakin’ hilarious


Ive always wanted to see that one, but never got around to it. Perhaps I will this week before school starts!


You should, the first one and the sequel are some of the best films ever in my opinion

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Airplane! Is the best aviation movie I’ve seen. It’s hilarious.


Can I add Disneys „Planes“ to the list?


You very well may haha

What are you talking about? Planes have eyes and mouths in real life 🙄


I mean you can breath eaven higher than that…


15000 I believe is the approx. cutoff?

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In my mind some of the worst are movies like sully whare everything is down to to a T, but then at the end they had to add just a bit if extra drama in the amount of doubt with his decision in the media…

‘2:22’. Other than the film itself being absolutely appalling, the lead guy is an ATC at JFK. The takeoffs and landings are on intersecting runways and it’s all about him being able to tell that the departing aircraft is past the intersection before the landing one touches down. There’s a whole dramatic scene about him having some superpower to tell that the aircraft’s wont collide.


I watched Airport (can’t remember which one) and a classic 747 crashed in the ocean and remained pressurised. Also there was one about Concorde where the plane was basically pulling off aerobatic manoeuvres whilst dodging missiles. If I remember correctly Airplane was a ‘spoof’ of the Airplane movies. The first Airplane movie was the best and is actually accurate (to an extent) and I would recommend watching it. That is if you don’t mind the quality of a 1970s camera!
Edit : The good one is Airport 1970 staring the late George Kennedy
A decent one is Airport 1975
And the ones I would recommend watching if you love realism are Airport ‘77 and ‘79.

How about the scene in the bee movie where the bees land the plane on the taxiway?image


Of course! That wasn’t my point. Everyone knows that a plane has eyes and mouth and that it can speak. Have you ever listen to ATC? You can hear the planes talk to each other live! Absolutely magic.

But see here:

Look at 03:30. That plane takes off without the flaps being deployed and the cargoload isn’t secured! Totally unrealistic!!! Duh!


Die Hard 2. Between the bad depiction of ATC, tampering with the ILS and the plane supppsedly “running on fumes” exploding in a huge fireball upon hitting the runway at Dulles it’s laughably horrible.


I can only testify up to 14,114, but I think so…




Thanks for ruining one of my favourite movies 😂

Or at least that is what google says, I forgot my tape measure at home… 😂

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