Worst luck ever

Okay so i’m getting ready to fly from LAX-ZBAA (los angeles-beijing) oh boy i had the worst luck ever. First ATC was messing with me. Second i forgot to do my fuel 😭. then i decide okay i’m going to turn around and come back into Los Angeles, then i start to stall as i’m pulling up my ipad decides it’s time to update. So that’s how my night went 🥲


Wow. Just wow.


Exactly! Kinda funny though

Oh no! I’m sorry. I hope it gets better soon! D:

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luck drops by -99999999%


haha thank you!

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thats just really unlucky lol

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i forgot to add, as i’m cleared for takeoff my brother comes home with my food 😂

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luck drops by an additional 1834 percent 😂

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First of all, how does ATC mess with you? Also, the only slightly unlucky thing on your list is the fact that your iPad decided to update in the middle of your flight. However, your iPad update was also avoidable because you can turn auto-updates off like many IF pilots do. The rest of the situations were totally avoidable. Make sure to slow down and think before doing something. Also, consider practicing a checklist flow or following one. This will make sure your flight ends up safe and complete. Have fun!


That’s just depressing.

the way ATC messed with me… ground kept saying to park anywhere or taxi to all of the runways

Like spamming it?

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If you don’t mind me asking, what server were you playing on?

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training, i usually play expert but my friend was joining he’s only on training

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Pulling up when you stall, eh?

luck and plane drop by another 1000 feet

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Well, that makes sense if the ATC is messing with you… almost anyone can control on the Training Server. They are un-trained controllers and most have no clue what they’re doing. I’d again suggest acting like it’s an uncontrolled field. Look out for yourself and make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

Training Server or Expert?

As said above…

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Oof, I feel you, my plane ran out of fuel on a poorly timed overnight flight last night

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