Worst Landings in IF

Post below Videos/Stories of your worst landings on IF. Mine was coming into LFPG during a windstorm, I had 38kt cross/headwind on approach in my 737-800. This was before I knew that you need to swing the rudder on flare when coming out of a crab. So I landed sideways on the runway and went off of the runway into the grass, while on the grass I aborted the landing and started to divert to somewhere else but my device crashed on the way.


Flying The Boeing 717. End of story, it’s never even heard of butter


CRJ series quick second after 717


I was in an A380 from Paris on Casual Server and coming into land at LAX. I greatly swerved off the runway and started spinning. Thank goodness I couldn’t receive any violations.

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I know! I can’t seem to butter that thing.


Flying a Cessna in 30kt crosswind


My story happened on the expert server!


Did you get any violations?

Luckily I aborted off the grass in time not to recieve any.

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The MD11F. Pretty challenging to land, but I got familiar with it in my time with FDXVA. You gotta come in at like 200 knots lol

I always do no-flap landing challenges on solo

I also do A350 butter challenges on solo but that’s really not a challenge.

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mine was in a A320 and i was landing in egll and managed to land and bounced of and ended up landing side ways and then stopped meters away from the end of runway 27l!

A330 = butter machine


Flew a Cessna 172 on the expert server. Was doing patterns when suddenly 40kts wind G55 kts hit the airport. Crashed on landing…

You had an overrun at eggl I had an underrun.



Basically a few months ago i kinda do long haul flights around 4-8 hours and sometimes my landings get worse each day since i use different aircrafts and i kinda go over and undershoot the glideslope

Ah, good job. Yeah everytime I spin off the runway I try to wait if my speed will slow down but sometimes it takes more than 20 seconds so I have to just leave.

reverse thrust will not stop me without parking brakes!!