Worst Landing Stories

What are your worst landing stories?

(In Infinite Flight)

Here’s mine, I was on final at some airport, I forget which one and I was trying to get a screenshot while flying without APPR on, and when I got back into cockpit camera I realized that I was way too high now so I dipped the nose way down and crashed at the foot of the runway and realize that my VA’s CEO and a Mod were watching me, while on the taxiway waiting to take off. This is when I had just joined the expert server.

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Oh sorry i searched worst landings not roughest, a mod can close this.


Oh wait that is for real life, this is for Infinite Flight Landings

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oh Whoops sorry,I didn’t see the parenthesis

Nice topic
My worst landing would be landing in the 738 with a CAST on which I still have on.Its rare that I screw up landings but it was like -700 or something lmao
I’m usually buttering the runways

My best is -7 fpm


His topic is for Infinite Flight.

Besides, this topic isn’t needed, as it kinda fits with this one:


Well I guess it does but this is for stories not humorous pictures.


Oh god I have a good one. One time on expert there was a huge amount of players at LAX including Laura. There I was inbound on runway 24L. Everything was set up perfectly. Flaps were set, lights were on and I was perfectly aligned on the glide slope. I was going to show Laura who was boss! But as I was 50 feet from the runway I got distracted because my cat hopped on my lap and clawed my thigh. It hurt and I jumped for a second and I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t flare and landed at -1200 fpm. Very embarrassing.


Back when I first started playing IF,I flew from New York to Miami in a Emirates 777 - 300ER On Casual Server,I descended to 10,000 feet and then when I saw the airport i started to nose dive into the airport i ended up landing on the taxiway,Bouncing twice, and drifted into a Delta 747.


Geneva in a a330. I hit the runway and I bounced up, did a 180 turn and found myself stuck facing the other side of the runway. I literally went from around 135k to 0k in 2 seconds.


Pictures are worth 1000 words


A little too expeditious? @RTG113 🙂


I was trying out for the tailwinds flying club and on approach I stalled in a 777 and crashed…


777’s are difficult to fly approaches with i have done that several times, if you go even 5 kts to slow you lose control


i was on final on YSSY on a Qantas 787-9 and lost control and my plane randomly flipped and regained control and landed. And guess what this was on expert

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im in the VA did u at least get in

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I was approaching KATL in a 787-9. When I was 100 feet from the ground I clicked autopilot on and then off accidentally and my plane nosed dived to the ground and I caught it at 20 feet but there was a hill just before the runway and I crashed into it.


You must have either forgotten to set the trim or calibrate the controls i do that all the time

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Mine was probably yesterday in the M.D.-11, it was my first time in the M.D.-11 so I was noob, coming to HECA to land as I got to 20 ft I put the throttle to idle and flared way too much, then I was at around +15 degrees lol at 110 knots floating and then I fell to the ground at -482


I have an interesting one…

It was way back when I was on a vacation to Training Server ;(! - I was on approach to NTAA in the ATN 787-9 and I was perfectly trimmed! So when I unknowingly disabled APPR mode my plane did nothing.

(At this point I still thought APPR was on)

I looked away for a bit and when I came back my plane was flipped upside down and lying on the runway… 😂😂😂😂😂

I went back to see what happened (I recorded the flight but this was on my old phone so I can’t show you unfortunately) and noticed that I had turned APPR off…

Oh well!


Hahaha! Wait a minute…so you were behind me on the landing sequence!

I like to watch the next person’s landing so while waiting to get permission to contact ground I watched your landing.

To sum it up…

(perfect approach…flare…floaty…floaty…floaty…RIP airspeed…SLAM!!!