Worst Fear As A Pilot

Worst Fear As A Pilot

As a pilot, our goal is to get the plane safely from point A to point B. On some events or occasions, this may not be the case! Every pilot has to go through something eventually in the career whether it is an emergency landing or a crash landing depending on the situation.

Let me know below what your worst fear of being a pilot. Whether it is being involved in a crash or an emergency landing, or simply having to deal with a crazy passenger.

Even though I am not yet a commercial pilot and only training to get my hours solo at this time, my worst fear would be to lose complete control of the aircraft without being able to recover!

Go ahead and comment below what your fear is


I mean I have fears as a pilot, but I do not let then get to me. I trust my training and if a situation arises then I will know what to do. I do not let it stop me from flying though


I am not a pilot and have not even begun flight training as of now. So the only thing I have to fear is my first flight…😂


Even when I’m flying a General Aviation C172, I always worry about my surroundings. My local airspace and airport does not have Air Traffic Control so it comes down to us pilots to know where we are. Once a pilot entered the airspace while I was doing patterns and the pilot was radio silenced. While I was on left bad he was on final but only yards away from my aircraft. I did a crazy maneuver to avoid collision. We both landed safely and we when we talked, to find out, I was not receiving any of his call outs. Anything can happen at any given moment on an aircraft and maybe things did not go my way that day and I would not be here right now. So yes, I have worries, but I also have experiences


I feel you brother. I personally do not fear it because it is my passion and I love to do it you feel me there?

Your first flight will be something to remember. I guarantee it because that is how mine was perfect! Just dont be nervous be relaxed and amused haha. Just like me I was going crazy XD


I do. We cannot let the little things control our lives. You have to make the most of your career

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Very nice response to what could have been something major. But like you said remain calm and be a pilot and avoid that

Yes indeed we do! Now do you still fly in GA for now or are you in commercial?

I am still in GA; working on the instrument rating

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How long have you currently been working towards your license?

My worst fear is being unprepared. Any number of things can happen at any point in the flight which I can’t control. The one thing I can control is how I practice and how I prepare. If I am fully situationally aware, I set myself up for success in any and every situation.


Part of being a pilot is just being prepared and focused! I think if you just make sure you are prepared there is no doubtkng yourself under any situation if you get what I mean 🙂

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It took me two years to get my PPL but that was because I started when I was 14.


Ahhh ok ok makes sense! Now one last question, during stall recovery how did you feel during that?

I hated stalls and still do to this day


Fears no. Knowing something could happen yes. But being well trained in any given sitstution and trusting your instincts and training can make a bad or fearful situation into a good one


Absoltuey, I agree. Which is why I practice simulated emergencies and power off 180’s at least twice a month. That muscle memory pays dividends


I fear myself as a pilot. Most incidents are the result of pilot error or general stupidity. The best thing I can do to prevent accidents is be the best pilot possible.

An engine fire would also be scary. Fires can be killers.

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Maby as someone who has only been a passenger (for now) I am not one to talk, but I must say my main fear is being there the first time something happens. Because I know that the pilots are byond well trained for every possible scenario, but everything happens for a first time, and the pilots may or may not be able to handle that if they, and the aircrafts systems are unprepared for it…