Worst delay

5hr delay with Wizz Air. They suck. Don’t fly them.

2h Pegasus A321NEO LTFJ-LTAF. Delayed while boarded because an aunty fell and hit her head

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Good question, I just came back from Pakistan yesterday and a delay happened, my flight was supposed to takeoff at 4:10 am Pakistan local time but it was delayed to 11:10 am but it took off at 11:30 and reached Toronto 4:40 pm their local time and it was my first time expereincing a delay:/


Delayed 3 hrs on a dash 8 cause of weather once. Missed my layover and had to push everything back.


it’s my time to shine. I was heading back to Virginia in 2021 to see some family. We had a layover in Minneapolis which i was excited for since i’ve never flown into Minneapolis. We left LAX around 12am and landed into MSP around 5amCST We headed to our gate which was quite a walk, got to the gate and waited for our flight at 9am to IAD. it was finally our time to board and the gate agent says there’s been an accident on the last flight and said it should take no more than 15 minutes. that was fine with me as i was still eating my breakfast. About 10 minutes later she comes back and says there’s been another mishap and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes this time. So once again we all wait. If that’s not enough she comes back and says “sorry folks todays flight is cancelled due to weather.” Whatchu mean whether it’s bright and sunny out. I knew it wasn’t weather so i just asked and they said the pilot had a medical emergency beforehand and wasn’t gonna make it on time. So i just ask her “why lie about the situation and say it was a weather cause.” she ignored me and told everyone to head to another gate where we would leave in an hour to IAD. So all 50 of us walk to our new gate but this gate says the flights going to Seattle. Me and this one guy walk up to the gate agent asking if this flight is going to IAD to which he replies saying “No”. We all then started complaining saying how the other gate agent told us that this was a flight to IAD blah blah blah. In the end we ended getting to IAD 2 DAYS LATE. Idk how that’s possible but oh well it’s Delta makes sense… no offense. So yeah my 30 minute delay turned into a 2 day delay 😀


One of the worst delays I’ve had as a passenger was on a flight from DTW-BWI back in 2018 with Delta on the good old MD-88. Original scheduled departure was 20:30. We ended up waiting to allow for some connecting passengers on a few other flights with a delay of about 30 minutes. It was a brisk 20 degrees or so and the water lines ended up freezing whilst the aircraft was on the ground for an extended period of time. Mechanics thawed the water lines and we were ready to go by 23:30. We pushed back from the gate, only to have to return a few minutes later because some passengers were giving the flight attendants an attitude about wearing their seatbelts. Finally took off around 00:30. Despite the lengthy delay it was made better flying the venerable Maddog. I miss those birds so much!

As a ramp agent I’ve worked plenty of delays in my time as well. Adverse weather, maintenance issues, passenger behavior, ATC flow control, etc. Comes with the territory for sure!


this flight may seem a little weird without specific context, but that gets a little too long so you’ll just have to follow with me here

Basically me and my younger brother are going on a flight by ourselves for the first time. We arrive at the airport at 10am because the flight departs at 12:40pm-ish. Our parents drop us off at the airport and they leave an hour or so before departure. So we’re waiting in the terminal with two guardians from the airline because my brother is 8 years old at the time and I guess I barely passed the age limit to be by myself.

We’re onboard by noon, but everyone ends up waiting on the airplane until around 2pm, when everyone is hauled back into the terminal for some reason. It’s 4pm by now and everyone’s been sitting around in the terminal, and me and my brother has had a meal. The flight got delayed every few hours, and we were given a $20 meal voucher every time.

8pm already! I’ve been loitering around the general waiting area, listening to music and browsing social media. It’s around 8:30 and we get the announcement that we may now board. So everyone repeats and hauls themselves and their luggage back onboard by 9pm. We pushback at 9:15pm and at 9:30pm we finally lifted off.


LAX to London. During fueling, there’s somehow a spill under our aircraft so we’re ordered to deplane.

A replacement aircraft is readied, and we transfer there, as luggage is shifted.

Severe thunderstorm rolls in and we are asked to deplane from the replacement aircraft, just as LAX has a power failure and all flights are shut down.

Eventually power is restored, and they make the decision to put us back on the original aircraft. Fuel spill somehow now satisfies the LAX fire department, and luggage shifted back once more.

We eventually we make it to London. Delay on the ground at LAX was about 8-9 hours.

The airline no longer exists.


I had a delay for 4 hours because SmartLynx went bankrupt and we were forced to fly on Sky up 737.Btw it was in Burgas


My worst ever that I can remember was back in 2018 from GCRR-EGNM with Ryanair, it was a morning flight, about 6AM departure, they boarded us but we were then informed the pilot had failed his breathalyser and we had no pilot, they had to fly a pilot down from Dublin to Lanzarote and we eventually left Lanzarote 6hrs and 7 minutes late. Come to think of it, all my delays have been with Ryanair 😅


Lufthansa, i had to flew from Frankfurt to Madrid, 2h delays due to the Snow in FRA…

Worst delay just happend to me but i was working the flight. AA3561 was scheduled for a 923pm arrival but did not get iin until 500am the next day.

not ground crew bur fuelers fault. different jobs.

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8 hour delay in Miami, then 2 hour delay when we landed in Atlanta.

I went to the airport for an 11am flights to Atlanta, ended up leaving at 7pm from Miami. We taxied out twice, first time they found out they had to switch pilots as we lined up on the runway to take off, second time we finally took off. Made it to Atlanta and landed, but had to wait 2 hours on the taxiway for a gate to open up.

Hey that’s my home airport!!

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I’ve only had two diversions. For the first, I was flying a Delta 737-900 back in 2014, from SFO-MSP. We took off on time, but started holding over South Dakota. The pilot came on and said that the winds in Minneapolis were too high to land, and we were going to divert to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We did, and waited for about 3 hours before getting back on and heading up to Minneapolis, where we were greeted by a massive thunderstorm and severe turbulence.

The second time was in 2019, on a Sun Country 737-800, on a flight from MSP-LAX. We took off, and about twenty minutes into the flight, the oxygen masks came down. The cabin was dead silent, until the pilots came on and announced that while we didn’t need the masks, there was a fault with the pressure system and we needed to turn back to Minneapolis. We landed fast and hard, and were greeted by fire engines as we taxiied to the gate. They got us another plane, and we were underway 3 hours later.

Now that’s stressful delay: 16-hour Air New Zealand flight to nowhere caps a ‘wild’ trip | CNN

They got to sit in the air for 16 hours while basically going nowhere, still in Aukland. In my mind I suffer with them. Just happened.

And that was one of only several compounded delays the described passenger had on his trip. Epic.


Air New Zealand should be ashamed of that decision. Good god there were so many other options. They could’ve flown to IAH, LAX, IAD,SFO, I mean EWR!! and just sent their pax on domestic United flights. That was all if there wasn’t another terminal to take them at JFK (cough terminal 7). Those poor passengers…


Hello! It’s @TheBest here!
I just flew from Seattle to Dallas IRL.
It was a long flight (8hrs) because there was bad weather Dallas. So we diverted to Austin, waited there for 3hrs then flew to Dallas.

Here you can post your travel stories and how short flights turned into long flights. Post Away!

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A 5hr flight from Lisbon to Bucharest on Wizz that was actually 11hrs due to delay and we had nothing to eat in T2 since everything was closed

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