Worst delay

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I pose a simple question
What is the worst airline delay you’ve ever experienced?


Honestly, not that bad, but last August I was on a flight from DFW to DEN onboard an American A321 and after boarding was complete, the pilot informed us that the plane had been over fueled So we had to wait on board the aircraft for an hour while the ground crew offloaded the extra fuel


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Screenshot says it all.


12pm: Arrival at the airport
1pm: Having lunch at LGA (thanks to whoever recommended flying AA on LGA-DCA, the new LGA terminal is quite good compared to JFK)
2pm: running around in LGA taking photographs
3pm: flight gets cancelled minutes before departure
5pm: after 2 hours of waiting we have been placed on a flight at 6pm on standby and a safe place on a flight at 10pm
6pm: we don’t get any seats on tge standby flight, but we still have our 10pm flight, right? …right?
9pm: flight gets delayed
10pm: flight gets delayed
11pm flight gets delayed
12am: flight gets cancelled! Thanks American! I’ll surely be flying with you again

Ended up departing 8am the next day. Total time at the airport: 20hrs including multiple cancellations and an unvoluntary overnight at LGA without even any little bit of compensation such as at least food vouchers from American. Never again with AA thats for sure.

Excerpt from this topic:


This was back in 2016. Was going on vacation to Indonesia, so booked a flight with Emirates on the A380 (also the first A380 flight I’ve ever done) from Amsterdam to Jakarta with a stopover at Dubai.

When we were waiting at the gate at Amsterdam we suddenly got an announcement that the flight was gonna be delayed with an unknown duration. We eventually had to wait 8hours before we could takeoff from Amsterdam!!!

This delay was caused by a crash landing of flight EK521 at Dubai in August 2016 that happened hours earlier.
On approach we were put on a holding pattern for an hour or so since the amount of planes landing would be a lot since only one runway was obviously active.

When we finally touched down I had glimpse of the wrecked 777, with the ceiling fully burned down.

This is probably worst delay I’ve ever had.

I wish I could find the flight tracking of the flight I had but ofcourse the flight was from 2016 so i can’t find it :/


At TPA there was a severe weather system over almost the entire upper Florida so the Gulf of Mexico was absolutely FILLED with traffic. Ended up sitting on the ground for about 1-2 hours with the engines off and then we finally took off after the traffic slowed Down. Got home 3 hours later than planned

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I was flying back from the Dominican Republic and I was connecting through DFW…

My family booked a short 1-hour layover which isn’t enough when you have to go through customs and retrieve bags and make it to the complete other-side of the terminal.

We had to eventually run off the tram and haul butt to our gate, we made it as they were closing the doors. But that was only the beginning….

They announced we were ready to go but then started to delay us, first 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, then 3 hours.

We were supposed to be home in Seattle at midnight, but we didn’t leave DFW until 1am… we landed in Seattle at 4am.

Got caught up in the Southwest delays at Denver. Went lounge hopping, so it wasn’t too bad.

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MMMX-EDDF, LH499. My flight got cancelled a while ago thanks to a ground strike in Frankfurt. Fortunately I was able to get going on the next day, while LH sent me to a hotel in MEX. It wasn’t bad at the end of the day, the hotel was nice too.

Probably in JFK. I was flying down to ATL with my dad and New York got covered in fog. Flight was delayed around 5-6 hours. The flight attendants gave us free snacks tho, so it might have been worth it lol

Going back home from Las Vegas, our Delta flight got delayed from 18:00 to 20:00, then to 22:00, then to 8 AM the next day. Not canceled somehow, but we did get free first-class tickets and a hotel room for the inconvenience. (This was a two-hour flight on an ERJ.)

Last year when I went to LA I flew BUF-DEN-LAX, and there was a huge storm over the central US. Got to Denver fine, but some of the crew for DEN-LAX were coming from flights that were delayed or had been cancelled due to the storm. Sat at the gate for an hour and eventually the crew arrived. They then informed us that they were waiting for a couple passengers and bags, so we set at the gate for another half hour. At this point it started to snow fairly heavily, so once we pushed about 2 hours late we had to go deice. Unfortunately, deice pads are Denver are airline specific, so there were 7-8 planes fighting for the 4 ish deice pads Southwest owns (even though there were 5+ open United ones). Eventually, we get deiced, but as we get to the runway the pilot aborts takeoff because of ice on the wings. After taxiing back to the gate, we sit there for another hour or so until the snow stops. Then, we get deiced one last time, take off, and land safely in LA albeit 4 hours late.

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A few years ago, I had a scheduled flight from KBOI-KPHX, and from KPHX-KMCO, both of which were on American. As we pushed back, we stopped and then the pilot announced that there was a mechanical issue with the plane and that we had to return back to the gate. That delay was about 5 hours, but if you factor in our missed connecting flight in Phoneix due to the delay, it was probably like 20 hours (we ended up spending the night in Phoneix - it was that late).

Mine was when I was flying out of LGA. The 737 that was supposed to take me home got stuck in Dallas, then when it finally made it to Chicago, a new plane was needed for some mechanical issue. Once it finally made it to LGA, the crew had maxed out their daily flight time. With all the delays we took off at around 11:30. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE OFF AT 4:30!

I had to fly to Tulsa last year for a campus tour and discovery flight at my now college. I was supposed to fly two Southwest flights to Dallas and then to Tulsa. I ended up delayed a total of 14 hours because of inherent weather over Dallas and ended up flying to Houston to catch a flight which was delayed till 12:30AM CDT. I didn’t make it to Tulsa till about 1:30AM. Probably the most frustrated I’ve been with Southwest in forever.

The worst for me was coming home from Denver in 2019. It was a 9:30AM departure back to Newark on a 757, and the initial delay was about 20 minutes due to the aircraft being late from the origin. This was the same day a 757 had a rough landing in Newark later that day and rolled off the runway if anyone remembers…so the flight kept getting pushed back…and back….and back. We eventually boarded around 4PM just for the crew to say the flight was cancelled. Everyone onboard was furious as there was no explanation as to why they boarded us and cancelled us within 30 minutes. We went to get rebooked and the best thing about this story was we were booked on the same exact plane, at the same exact gate. We finally left Denver around 7:30PM and made it into EWR a little after midnight. Flew on N17126 which took me home from Glasgow, Scotland in 2014. The Friendly Skies were anything but the opposite that day but things happen!

My worst delay was on JetBlue a few months back. Scheduled departure 2:30 pm EST me and my grandma are waiting at the gate at SRQ we get a notification that the bathroom is not working so we are delayed 1 hour to attempt to fix it…… it was not fixed so we are stuck with 1 bathroom and a full plane on an A320 we board and bam another 2 hour delay due to severe weather we board again at 6:30 pm EST and we push back and we wait because ATC closed down due to a medical emergency but n the tower. Now it’s 7:21 pm and we finally taxi to runway to be in the air for 4 hours and 2 of them spent circling NYC die to bad weather there too.

I had an insane experience in 2016 with United. I was doing from Stockholm to Newark, with a connection to Minneapolis, and we showed up to the airport nice and early, to allow lots of time in case of long queues. We breeze through bag drop, went right through security, and found our gate. Then… a 6 hour delay. That went by fast in this nice of an airport, but we completely missed our connection to MSP. On approach to Newark, we hit sudden severe turbulence and the trash cart fell on the flight attendants leg. She was taken off in an ambulance. After all that drama, we had to deal with the United folks to rebook. It was mid July, so everything was booked solid. There were no flight bookings available for MSP, so we had to fly into Des Moines instead! It all worked out in a the end though, after 31 hours of travel.

I have two! Let’s begin…

Worst delay

My worst delay by FAR was when London Gatwick experienced some severe drone issues which resulted in the airport being temporarily closed.

I was waiting for my flight back from Alicante (LEAL) until I noticed that the departure board had changed and noted that the flight would be delayed for two hours. Not a big deal tbh, more time for plane spotting. Funnily enough, I watched a Ryanair go around followed by a terrible landing. Anyway, skipping ahead a few hours I’d received a message from my mum and partner Livy who’d informed me of the threat at LGW. I held my hopes high and kept my fingers crossed that I would be on the plane soon. After around five hours, my phone began to run out of battery pretty fast. This was a concern because I had left my EU adapter at my partners villa thus meaning I couldn’t charge my phone in any of the power outlets at the time. In addition to this, I was also super hungry. I didn’t anticipate being in the airport this long and I had used the rest of my euros on duty free snacks and sweets. So, with no money left, I couldn’t even get a drink or a snack and so I just sat there aimlessly staring out of the window in the hope that I would get an update on my flight. 12 HOURS LATER… the flight gets cancelled. 💀 So, as a result, I flew home with ryanair a few days later to stansted.

2nd worst delay

Last summer, liv and I had booked a holiday to Rhodes, Greece. All was well and good. We breezed through priority security and headed straight to our assigned gate because, you know, insider information 😉 We got that stuff early. The crew for our flight eventually turned up at the gate whilst we were sitting there and things weren’t looking very good. The first officer was on the phone to crewing discussing what would happen if himself and the cabin crew went out of hours due to the delay we had. What was the delay you might ask? Here’s where things get interesting…

The scheduled aircraft for our flight was easyJet’s A321neo G-UZMC. The flight was FULLY booked and ready to go until the aircraft went tech on arrival from the previous flight. The only other option was to take an A320 instead, meaning a load of passengers would have to be offloaded from the flight and either offered compensation or a flight for another day. All of the passengers were… very angry as you can imagine. Skipping ahead, the crew eventually come up with a plan and decided that those who checked in first would get the priority to board and so on. Which meant if you checked in a couple of days ago or even on the day of the flight, you wasn’t going on holiday.

We eventually got on the aircraft and the crew had given us the reassurance that they’d still operate the flight even if they went out of hours. Why? They get a free overnight stop on Rhodes. Win win.

The final challenge was for the ground crew, TCO and ramp lead. You see, remember the passengers that got offloaded? Well, there bags obviously had to get offloaded too as baggage cannot fly unaccompanied for. In good time we eventually pushed back and made our way to rhodes a solid 4 hours later.

As we flew with our staff travel perks, we only paid £12.50 for our tickets. However, when it comes to delays, we’re still treated the same as any other passenger meaning when I claimed for compensation, we got £700 back. That’s how you turn £12.50 into seven hundred pounds 😜

Anyway, story time over. Bye!