Worst/Best Takeoff/Landing in IF?

  1. What is your worst/best takeoff/landing in IF?
  2. Where?
  3. What plane and livery was it?

Add pictures if you want to!

My best takeoff was from WMBT (Singapore region) From runway 20. I know there’s such a steep cliff in the way but I felt like such a hero when I managed to do a safe vertical takeoff over the cliff and getting my passengers to safety on the other side then resuming my flight!


After takeoff/climb

So, what is yours?!😄

P.s this is not a duplicate. I’m getting the hang of searching before you create the topic!

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My best landing was in the same flight as the topic above. It was really smooth and nice. 787-9 BA @ WIDD (Singapore region) at night. I touched down in the TD zone just before the aiming point.

What about your worst? 😋

Then my worst landing was the first time I flew the 777-200ER. I can’t remember where. I had a problem with autopilot that made me go into a nose dive. I pitched up in time thinking I just had saved the say! Then I crashed when landing.

Happens when you go below 160 knts airspeed.

I was actually going at a good speed annoyingly (180-200kts)

It must of been a glitch then because I defiantly didn’t have a VS like that!

My best take off is that on my profile picture! From KLAX on Sunset 😂

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My list
Best take off: Every time I fly
Worst take off: That time i thought it would be a good idea to take of with 50% power from EGLC
Best landing: The time I tested APPR
Worst landing: The second time I used APPR during a strong crosswind and disengaged 50ft above the runway and landed upside down. On the terminal.


Ha ha ha 😅

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Worst Takeoff was when the METAR at EGLC was glitching and it blew me to the side and into the water.

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Funny photos xD

This (That was my old name)

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You know in real life they never use runway 20 for takeoffs at WMBT.

You know in real life 787s or British Airways never come to WMBT XD

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Best take off: Can’t say I have a ‘best’ take off.
Worst take off: Crashing into a Hawaiian mountain.
Best landing: A beautiful crosswind landing at KSAN.
Worst landing: Landing and spinning out of control on the expert server.

Meh. It doesn’t matter where I takeoff and land. As long as I fly the plane properly and smoothly then I’m happy!