Worst ATC Experiences

What was your worst ATC Experience?

Were you the controller or the pilot? Let us know!

This topic is to discuss our worst ATC experiences, since we all know that TS1 is basically uncontrollable with people taking off and landing without permission.

Personally my worst experience was:

EHAM - Arrival Controller.

All was going fine until this aircraft cut Infront of my queue going into Runway 27 causing about 5 delays that I had to split between 27 and 22 and several were requesting 27 after I told them to divert to 22. This went on and on with delays, all just because of ONE pilot, if you’re on here, sorry for the public shaming but what you did was unprofessional.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but I had everything planned out and it was all foiled.

Instead of making a topic on shaming poor controller performance, you might want to consider that folks are still learning. Not everyone is perfect. Let’s refrain from making topics where we’re complaining as it’s not well received by others. Thanks!