Worst ATC Experience Ever

So today I went to control for a while at WSSS in PG

There was this N619SG requesting for tons of nonsensical things and then taxiing and taking off without permission at all (so I ignored him throughout my controlling session)

Then the runway flow is 20 but I still had nimrods landing from 02

Seriously I’ve never rage quit before… Today is really the worst experience of the ATC feature for me.

And then people were spamming the frequency… They should have some brains and think how busy the frequency is… The request takeoff when first in line shouldn’t just be an instruction, it should be a habit! And then I had nimrods requesting the wrong runway (20R instead of 20C and vice versa)…

No ethics at all!


Time to take the Advanced test ;)


Nah I’m never going to touch it ever again

Failed twice.

And it’s theory

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Unfortunately that’s play ground for you but yes it’s time for advanced. You may have failed. Private message me and I’ll take you though what it takes to be part of an professional and realistic environment.

I’ll be expecting a message from you. :)


I second that what Maxwell said. Try again and train with scouters, recruiters, controllers. Watch Tyler’s tutorial videos on YT and fly on Advanced and see how we do it.

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I think I fail mostly because it’s based on U.S. rules… But yes I’ll contact @Maxwell291 when I’m ready

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Please make it soon. I’d like you to experience the realism on FNF’s :)

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