Worst airports

Hey guys

Now we’re talking worst airports airports that just made you so fed up you want to go on the customer service to complain about their customer service I know my worst airport experience was in Gatwick when I was delayed for 4 HRS because of an ‘EMERGENCY’ fault allegedly and they didn’t even give any food to me or my mum(this was when I was about 6 years old)

So what was your worst airport experience comment below

Also thanks to @MishaCamp for giving me permission to make this topic

Lol the approach at Reyjavik is horrible

Must be DXB, Dubai: took us 10 hours to get through customs… No food available or seating areas. Last time I’ll ever travel through there.

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mind if I ask how on earth security took 10h?


4 hours in line, then sent to a special room as we where a family. 1 hour in that room then sent back to the main line and waited another 5 hours to get through…


Agreed. That is crazy,

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Was there something going on in Dubai at that time? Or some kind of security threat at an airport? Close to 9/11?

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Nothing, normal weekday in 2015


That doesn’t sound normal.

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I totally agree. But still not going back to DXB every.


I wouldn’t either.

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Edit: I asked some people I traveled with (just now) And I think it was customs not security… Still way too long time…

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no matter what line it is, 10h is an abuse

KAVP, that is my home airport and the road leading up to it is insane, there are like two or three roundabouts

i had bit of gripe with JFK, not sure if this is common with all north american airports but it certainly not common in europe that you have go out through immigration , wait to collect your bags , check them in again, and go through security. Now this is stupid if your just connecting.

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I have actually never had a particularly bad experience where I had to blame the airport
most of my bad experiences in airports were caused by an airline delay

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For me LPMA, Madeira is one of the worst. The airport is located at an angle which has huge crosswinds. If by any chance you do approach, expect minimum 2 go arounds. I have seen flights from Lisbon reach Madeira and then turn back after around 5 or 6 go arounds.

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Any airport at which @rtg113 is landing


Dude, you know that only happens when the winds are strong, do you?
If the winds are calm, you don’t have much problems getting there

Yes. But trust me, winds are calm on very rare occasions. And it takes 5 mins time for calm winds to turn into heavy gusts.